Adventurous dads will love these 7 active tours

Recently updated on July 5th, 2023 at 01:28 pm

If your dad loves the great outdoors and seeks adventure at every turn, these active tours are the perfect choice. From active holidays designed to get the blood pumping to family adventure vacations that create lasting memories, these seven tours offer a blend of adrenaline-pumping experiences and quality family time all while making new memories together. 

Prepare to embark on a family holiday combining exploration, fun, and plenty of bonding time. Discover these seven active tours to celebrate your adventurous dad.

Czech out Central & Eastern Europe together 

Image of Prague's St. Vitus cathedral against a blue sky, with the river Vltava in the foreground

Tick off Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria on our 10-day Imperial Europe tour with dad. This is one of those active tours that ticks off all the top cultural sights of Prague, Salzburg, Budapest and Vienna. Climb up towering spires with your dad and touch the sky together, then feast on delicious local cuisine. Your dad won’t go hungry in Hungary! No doubt he’ll have even more puns to entertain on this family holiday.

GET INSPIRED: Imperial Europe

Get immersed in USA National Parks

Image of a man sitting on a ledge overlooking Grand Canyon national park

Ticking off five National Parks in just nine days with this grand active family adventure. Delve into the splendor of the Old West with an active holiday on our Five Epic National Parks tour. Explore the peaks of the Grand Tetons, bubbling mudpots and shooting geysers at Yellowstone National Park, and the spires of Bryce Canyon. You’ll join a relaxing tram ride through Zion National Park and experience in the heart of the Grand Canyon.

GET INSPIRED: Five Epic National Parks

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Chase monkeys through the jungle with dad

Image of a man travelling across a jungle canopy on a zip line

Did you know Trafalgar has a range of tours just for family holidays? Our Monkeys, Jungles and Volcanoes trip is a favorite of our family adventure vacations. Spend eight days together exploring the wilderness of Costa Rica, from San Jose to Tortuguero. Expect plenty of active adventure for dad, from ziplining through the lush canopy, to trekking up the slopes of a volcano. This is one action-packed family holiday! Venture to Costa Rica together and enjoy the pura vida.

GET INSPIRED: Monkeys, Jungles and Volcanoes

Live out fairy tales in Scandinavia

Images of Copenhagen's colourful Nyhavn harbour

If your dad’s always wanted to visit Scandinavia, perhaps Father’s Day is the perfect excuse. Join our 14-Day scenic tour of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and witness the storybook beauty and colorful history of Scandinavia yourself. Experience the beloved fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen together, cruise across fjords, and ride one of Europe’s most scenic train journeys together. The memories you make on active tours like this will last a lifetime.

GET INSPIRED: Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords

Leaning tower and pasta power in Italy

Image of the Leaning Tower of Pisa against a blue sky

Italy is always a good idea, and while you might associate the country best known for its pasta and pizza with food and long, lazy days by the beach, Italy is a great active destination and plenty of our tours show that. If you join our family trip, Gladiators, Gondolas and Gold, your family holiday will feature a huge range of experiences, from a pizza-making workshop to a gladiator school. Yes, you and your family will learn how to wield a gladiator’s sword!

GET INSPIRED: Gladiators, Gondolas and Gold

Get outdoors, get active on tours in Utah

Image of Monument Valley's red rock mesa against a cloudless blue sky

Naturally, our most active tours involve plenty of nature, so it’s no surprise that our USA National Parks trips top the list for active family vactions. America has some the world’s most incredible trails and natural landscapes, and the best way to see this beauty up close is on foot. Lace-up your sneakers, pack a huge water bottle and join an adventure-filled tour of Utah’s national and state parks. From the Canyonlands to Arches, Capitol Reef to Bryce and Zion, this 10-day trip packs in the best of the great outdoors.

GET INSPIRED: Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks

Sprint through the best of Britain and Ireland

Image of Stone Henge on a sunny day

If you’re short on travel time but big on adventure, our eight-day Britain and Ireland Highlights squeezes the best of the isles into just over a week. Make new memories with your dad on an unforgettable family holiday that explores the lush emerald beauty of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland. Discover the genius of Shakespeare, walk around the awe-inspiring monoliths of Stonehenge, and explore ancient cities on foot together.

GET INSPIRED: Britain and Ireland Highlights

Tell us if you’re considering joining one of our active tours or how you’re planning to spoil your dad this Father’s Day in the comments…

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