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The best destinations for September sunshine

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Haven’t had time to get away for a summer vacation yet? Don’t worry; traveling during the more comfortably cooler fall months means you’ll be fighting your way through fewer crowds around the main attractions, you’ll capture stunning rural destinations in rare, radiant hues and there are also countless carnivals and events taking place across Europe. But what if you want to take a suntan home with you? Here’s our pick of the best holiday spots for the last of that September sunshine.

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Croatia’s crystal turquoise seas will certainly dazzle you, but not as much as the quaint clementine colored houses which cloak Croatia’s rocky Adriatic coastline. With a long history of Roman, Venetian, Italian and Austrian rule, Croatia has an abundance to explore in its breathtakingly handsome cities such as Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik or the heavenly island of Hvar. Croatia’s glittering Adriatic coast has plenty of September sunshine to see off your summer.

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A beautiful bay in Croatia, with pale blue water and a boat gently sailing away on calm waters


Bordered by Spain in the north but occupying North Africa, Morocco isn’t too far away yet it’s buzzing with an exotic culture that is unmatched anywhere else in Europe. Haggle your way through the bazaars of Fez, sun yourself in Marrakesh, admire the mosques of Casablanca and stand in awe at the opulent palaces of Rabat.

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Traditional Atlas Mountain town in Morocco

South of France

Saunter your way through the fashionable and sunny Southern French cities of St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Marseille, where you can still top up your tan while you take it easy at this much less crowded time of year. Sip a glass of local red wine on a harbour front or take a stroll along vineyards, taking advantage of the changing colours of your surroundings at this beautiful time of year in Southern France.

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Sunset over a coastal town in the South of France


Slightly cooler months are absolutely ideal for exploring the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and the other magnificent and mighty treasures which have graced the desert along the River Nile for over 4000 years. Visit Luxor, Cairo and Memphis for an extraordinary insight to this fascinating country which will stagger you with its legendary monuments and world-famous ancient structures.

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Woman looking up at statues outside a temple in Egypt


Framed by the Mediterannean and Black Seas, Turkey is a heady mix of visible history and inviting culture. Meander the pretty streets of Istanbul or Ephesus for boundless historical excavations and ancient Greek and Roman structures which are all the more fascinating to investigate under less intense September sunshine.

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Birds-eye view of Istanbul basking in golden sunlight, a bright blue sky above


From Greece’s buzzing capital, Athens, to the heavenly Greek Islands of Crete, Mykonos or Rhodes, Greece is filled with perfect autumnal holiday hotspots to entertain, relax and fascinate you. See crumbling excavations, gorgeous Mediterranean coastline and classic Greek architecture, all under the still clear blue September skies.

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