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We’ve just returned from Trafalgar’s Enchanting Maritimes holiday and what a wonderful time we had. We spent 12 days travelling from Boston through the New England area to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island – a part of the world we had not been to before.

Our holiday was full of so many highlights – one being the seaside resort of York on the coast of Maine. This town is a fashionable summer resort and was a nice surprise on our trip. The houses in this seaside town were unbelievable and called cottages by the locals – these homes would be referred to as mansions back home! Other highlights included Peggy’s Cove, and an amazing drive along the Cabot Trail (one of the world’s great ocean drives).

In New Brunswick we were treated to a highlight lunch onboard a local lobster boat. Our host took us out and showed us how they pull the nets up and catch lobsters, followed by a lesson on how to shell them. Then we all got to enjoy a feast of sweet and juicy Atlantic lobster!

Our host giving us the insiders tip on how to shell a lobster

Our host giving us the insiders tip on how to shell a lobster













On Bras d’Or Lake we took an optional excursion on a terrific sailing boat around the lake. This beautiful boat was hand built by our captain. One of the highlights was seeing Alexander Graham Bell’s home who is famous for inventing the telephone. His property overlooks the lake and is still occupied by family descendants.  Later, we got to visit the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.

Anne sailing on Bras d'Or Lake

Anne sailing on Bras d’Or Lake









We spent two nights in Charlottetown which is the birthplace of Canada. The houses are made of wood and the streets are very pretty with their hanging pots of flowers coming off the lamp posts. Here we stayed at a hotel where Queen Elizabeth had once slept!

On Prince Edward Island, we visited the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company. This place was filled with all kinds of jams and amazing homemade ice-cream and a variety of different teas – yum! Our Local Guide told us all about the island, her knowledge was incredible. Also worth more than a footnote was the trip over the Confederation Bridge (the longest bridge over iced waters in the world) which links Prince Edward Island with the Province of New Brunswick.

Jamie our Travel Director was wonderful and her knowledge of the area and history added greatly to the overall experience – in many ways our holiday (as one of our fellow traveller’s said) was like driving through a postcard with Jamie telling the story.

The history surrounding the Maritimes is fascinating and combined with breathtaking scenery and exceptionally friendly people, this holiday is one of the very best we have undertaken.

Anne and Duncan Ferries.

Alexander Graham Bell's House on Bras d'Or Lake

Alexander Graham Bell’s House on Bras d’Or Lake


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