Need inspiration for the ultimate family reunion event? We have the answer

It’s official: the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over and life is returning to normal. If you’re thinking about planning a big family reunion event to bring everyone together again, you’re not alone. But before you invite everyone and their uncle over to your place, consider another option: A family reunion trip! Not only will it relieve you of hosting duties, but you’ll get to bond with your family while experiencing a new destination and making lifelong memories. We look at why you should plan a family tour for your next reunion and share some times for planning a family reunion trip.

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The rise of reunion travel

If you missed the phenomenon of revenge travel, where travellers were determined to make up for lost time during the pandemic, don’t worry. You’re in plenty of time to get on board with the upcoming trend of revenge family reunion travel!

The pandemic stole so much, especially time with family. But now families are fighting back – through the medium of push-the-boat-out reunions. While we still love those potluck events at the local hall, or barbecues in the backyard, more families are splashing out on big family reunion trips. It’s all about experiencing new destinations and cultures together, spending quality time, strengthening family bonds, and making special memories. More people have learned that there’s no time like the present, and if you don’t enjoy time with family now, you might not get the chance again for a while. 

Family reunion travel is also about getting back to normal. As more families venture abroad on holidays together, it signals the unofficial end to the worst of the pandemic. We can get wrapped up in a bear hug from grandma, watch laughing babies take their first steps, celebrate milestones with parents and siblings, and get the whole crew together again. If we didn’t appreciate it before, we certainly do now. 

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Why you should go on a holiday for your next family reunion

If you want to make your next family reunion an extra special one, why not take a trip and travel somewhere new? It doesn’t have to be a whole ton of work – and some would say it’s easier than hosting in your own home. You don’t have to cook, clean up, and referee all the relatives. Instead, you can all pitch in to plan a fantastic reunion trip. 

Even better, if you choose a tour, all you have to do then is book your flights, then let someone else take care of all the details for you. Once you’re on the trip, you can focus on spending time with family, while your attentive team leads the way. You’ll have the space and time to have those meaningful conversations and gain more understanding about each other. Travelling with family allows for a deep bonding experience, with research showing that it ultimately improves communication, strengthens lifelong family connections, and increases wellbeing.

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Tips for planning your family reunion trip

If you’re ready to start planning your family reunion trip, here are some handy tips to get started.

1. Make sure everyone has a voice

Whether you’re travelling with multiple generations or a smaller family unit, it’s important to make sure everyone is heard. You can start by researching destination options and activities together, and gathering everyone’s transport and accommodation preferences. It’s also important to consider budgets and ideal dates and timeframes for the trip, so everyone can relax and enjoy it.

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2. Pick a destination with something for everyone

Once you’ve got everyone’s preferences, you’re in a great spot to choose a holiday destination that has something for everyone. Have an uncle that’s big into hiking, and mom that prefers sightseeing? Or perhaps your sibling prefers foodie experiences? It might take some research, but there’s always a destination that works. It’s also important to plan some activities that everyone can do together, like cooking classes or picnics in the park. 

Consider Japan, which has an incredible blend of history, culture, cuisine, nature, architecture, and buzzing cities. Or Spain, with its blend of beaches, art museums, festivals, and easy-to-share tapas. If you get stuck on choosing the right destination, it helps to speak to a friendly Trafalgar expert, who can guide you on the best family destinations and help you plan your whole trip – without the stress.

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3. Remember your reason for travelling

While planning a family reunion trip can be tricky, it helps to remember why you’re doing it in the first place – to spend quality bonding time together. It doesn’t matter if your holiday isn’t perfect, as long as you connect as a family and enjoy eachother’s company. 

Have you ever planned a family reunion tour or trip? Let us know in the comments below!

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