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Five Alternative Places to Visit in the USA

New York, Boston and Los Angeles are probably the cities that pop into your head when you think of the United States. But urban USA stretches far beyond the Venice Beach and Manhattan. Here are some of our favourite alternative places to visit in the USA.



Also known as Music City, Memphis is the country music capital of the world, which is hard to ignore here.  This city’s history is steeped in music and there are lots of museums, music halls and other sights to remind you of this. Head to the Country Music Hall of Fame to see memorabilia of country icons on display or take a tour through the Ryman Auditorium where some of the biggest stars played and still perform today. Your stay in Nashville wouldn’t be complete with a night out on Broadway which is famous for its live music venues.

Downtown Nashville
Photo by Michael Hicks under Creative Commons Licence



Being the oldest city in the state of Georgia, this quaint historic town attracts many visitors each year.  With its cobble-stoned streets, historic squares and grand homes will transport you to an era long gone.  Savannah also offers lots of present day activities at its river front where you’ll find trendy clothing shops and quality restaurants.

forsyth park
Photo by Jeff Gunn under Creative Commons Licence


Santa Fe

With its characteristic architecture of earthy adobe residences and buildings, this city oozes Spanish colonial charm. Its culture is a real mix of ancient native arts and modern design which has made it a magnet for all kinds of artists and creative types, resulting in a wide range of museums and art galleries. Santa Fe also boasts some high-end shopping outlets as well as legendary, New-Mexican cuisine.

Santa Fe
Photo by Curt Smith under Creative Commons Licence


Located on the West Coast of the USA, it does rain a lot in Seattle, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this vibrant city. It was famous in the ’80s for grunge music and in the ’90s for movies like ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and ‘Singles’ really put Seattle in the limelight.  Besides a thriving coffee culture, Seattle boasts lots of green spaces and nature parks in and outside of the city, which is probably why Seattleites are some of the fittest and most outdoorsy people in the USA, regardless of that omnipresent rain.

Seattle skyline
Photo by Howard Ignatius under Creative Commons Licence


If you think that all you’ll see in Phoenix are cactuses and tumbleweeds, then you couldn’t be more wrong. The Sonoran desert, where Phoenix is located, is one of the most colourful and lushest deserts in the entire world. It offers an abundance of hiking and biking trails set in breath-taking scenery.  Downtown  Phoenix is buzzing with things to do as well. Head to Roosevelt Row where you’ll find a wide choice of museums, art galleries, restaurants and shops in Roosevelt Row.

Downtown Phoenix
Photo by Ayrcan under Creative Commons Licence
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