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Italy in September: weather, reasons to visit and things to do

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As the heat of summer slowly fades and the Mediterranean mellows in its approach to autumn, Italy becomes increasingly alluring. With the country’s harvest season comes an abundance of fresh, seasonal cuisine that makes the most of Italy’s native produce, from plump, meaty olives to sun-ripened tomatoes and sweet, juicy peaches. In Italy’s hilltop towns, vibrant harvest celebrations bring life and colour to otherwise quiet farming communities, and people spend as much time as possible outdoors, soaking up the last of the late summer sun. With so many reasons to visit Italy in September, here are a few of our favourite seasonal highlights.

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Weather in September in Italy

Italy in September sees temperatures ranging from 68-79°F (20-26°C) depending on where you are. The south of Italy gets quite a bit hotter, but even northern hotspots like Lake Como or Cinque Terre are still balmy and warm: the perfect temperature for sightseeing. Plus, with an average of 8 to 9 hours of sunshine there are still long sunny days to get out and explore.

The Late Summer Sun

With good average temperatures and the last of the late summer sun, September is a great time to get out and explore. Savor the sun-soaked days by strolling through the winding streets of Italy’s historic cities and stumbling upon their sun-dappled piazzas.

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A seaside town in Italy in September basks in golden hour light, the multi-colored houses bright and welcoming. The sea is flat and the sky has an orange to blue gradient.

Long Balmy Evenings

These warms days slip into long balmy evenings, when people gather outdoors for aperitivo with friends and dine al fresco as a family. September is the best time to visit Italy for true Mediterranean charm, dining and chatting the evening away in a beautiful piazza. This is the ideal time to take a post-dinner walk (La Passeggiata) along the shores of Lake Maggiore or a stroll through the streets of Venice as the moon reflects on the Grand Canal.

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Gondolas lined up in a canal in Venice, with the sun bright and golden covering the buildings in an orange glow.

The Seasonal Produce

Italy’s reputation for exceptional food and wine is no secret, making it one of the world’s best locations for gastronomic travel. From the mountains in the north to the Tuscan hills and the country’s southern regions, cuisine varies greatly across the country and is defined by its local produce. In Tuscany, you’ll find plenty of mushrooms and truffles, while in the Amalfi Coast, lemons still reign supreme, lasting throughout the summer well into late fall. During the harvest season, olives go to press and the markets are filled with a bountiful fresh crop.

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A pumpkin and a basket of freshly picked apples and grapes sit in a field in golden hour light: a typical sight in Italy in September

The Grape Harvest

Italy in September welcomes the beginning of Vendemmia, the grape harvest. Across Italy’s wine producing regions, grape gathering begins and celebrations take place to mark the occasion, especially in Tuscany’s small hilltop towns. This custom of making new (or novella) wine in September is one that’s deeply engrained in Tuscan tradition, making it an especially rewarding time to visit.

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Close-up of hands picking grapes during harvest season in Italy in September. The sun is bright and the grapes are ripe.

The Local Festivals

As September comes around, so too does an influx of cultural and culinary festivals. This month is an especially festive time in Sicily due to the island’s unique local produce and wine. One of Sicily’s culinary specialties is arancini (a fried street food snack of risotto filled with meat ragu or mozzarella and ham), a food honoured in September with a three-day festival, the Sagra dell’Arancino. Meanwhile, Festa della Vendemmia marks the end of the month with a showcase of Sicily’s wine-making traditions.

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What to wear in Italy in September

Take in the glorious sun with some light, bright summer clothing. A floral sundress never looks amiss in Italy, or a linen shirt. Though note, temperatures are starting to cool compared to summer, so bring a sweater or two for the evenings.

Best places to visit in Italy in September

September is the perfect time to explore Italy’s most iconic cities as they bask in the beautiful fall sun.


Cypress trees line winding roads in the Tuscan countryside. Go from town to town, enjoying the gorgeous golden light as it drapes the old cobbled houses in glorious Mediterranean light. September means you can still dine al fresco, taking in the glorious Tuscan countryside at sunset as you try local delights.


September is a great time to explore the Italian capital. It’s an extremely busy city, and can get really overwhelming in the summer high season. You not only have huge crowds to get through, but also sweltering heat beating down as you traverse the Roman landmarks. In September, the temperature starts to cool just enough to enjoy the sights comfortably without the horrible heat or the crazy crowds.


Check out this fantastic northern region of Italy in September. The cities of Bologna and Modena are must-sees, especially because of the food. September is just reaching harvest season, and Emilia-Romagna is one of the most famous food regions in Italy. Head in late September to take advantage of all the spoils and dine like a king, trying classic dishes like Tagliatelle al ragú or lasagna bolognese.

Image Credits: Cover photo of Tuscany in September © iStock / StevanZZ. Manarola © Getty Images. Venice © iStock / franckreporter. September produce © iStock / Guido Vrola. Wine making in September © iStock / Paolo Cipriani

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