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Would the aroma of steaming paella be enough to lure you to the other side of the world? A recent study in Australia has revealed that culinary experiences are high on people’s agenda when it comes to holiday destination decision-making.

Almost every country in the world has a national dish or food it’s renowned for. Take Italy and its pizzas and pastas, France with its cheeses and wines, and Britain’s fish and chips. So it makes sense that getting a taste of a destination through its cuisine is a slice of the overall experience.

Enjoy tapas in Spain

Enjoy tapas in Spain

In many westernised countries, you’ll come across a variety of restaurants serving up a world of food. A number of cities feature a Chinatown, and there’s even a street in Manchester, England, nicknamed the Curry Mile. However, there’s nothing quite like devouring a dish in the place it was born.

Extra flavour is added to the mix when locals teach you how to craft those legendary meals. Or when you get the opportunity to soak up the local culture by shopping for the fresh ingredients before you cook up a storm.

Take Florentine chef Libero on Trafalgar’s Flavours of Italy trip, for example, who shows you around his local market to pick out the ingredients for ravioli, before heading back to his kitchen in the Tuscan Hills to learn how to make it. Then enjoying the fruits of your labor overlooking rolling countryside, while he tells you tales of his life in Florence.

Florentine chef Libero teaching Trafalgar guests to make ravioli

Florentine chef Libero teaching Trafalgar guests how to make ravioli

And discovering Oonagh’s knowledge of wild foods on Trafalgar’s Best of Ireland holiday, while you scour the coastline for herbs and seaweed. All before lunching at her friend Theresa’s seafood restaurant and sampling your foraged delicacies.

It’s moments like these that show how food naturally becomes part of the cultural experience. And how a simple dish, like ravioli, can enrich your journey and add depth to a destination.

See what gastronomic delights can ignite your taste buds when you take a trip with Trafalgar.

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