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Our essential guide on what to pack for a trip to Egypt

Recently updated on July 28th, 2023 at 03:31 pm

Think loose and light when you’re packing for your exciting trip to Egypt. As the unforgiving heat of the Egyptian sun beats down on those epic ancient sites you’ve waited for years to see, you’ll be thankful you ditched your skinny jeans and heels and took our advice on what to wear and pack for Egypt. 

This is your golden opportunity to channel your inner explorer and that means lacing up those walking shoes, rolling up your linen sleeves and tipping your hat to centuries of incredible history you’re about to uncover on your trip to Egypt.  But first, what to wear? 

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What to wear on your trip to Egypt   

When considering what to pack for your trip to Egypt to visit the pyramids, keep the harsh sun and religious customs in mind

While Egypt may not be as conservative as its neighbours in the Middle East, when it comes to covering up, dressing modestly has the added benefit of shielding you from the harsh sun.  

Goodbye sleeveless vests and jeans, hello light button-up shirts and linen trousers. You’ll want to avoid anything that clings and is synthetic – the important thing is to let your skin breathe.  

What the local Egyptians wear

Today, you’ll see your Egyptian hosts largely covering up and you’ll feel comfortable doing the same, especially if you’re a woman.  

When considering what to wear, it's always a good idea to cover up when you're visiting religious and sacred sites during your trip to Egypt

Although Egyptian women tend to wear a hijab to cover their head and hair, there is no expectation that you do the same. We do however recommend that you avoid wearing tight-fitting trousers and shorts, or baring your shoulders and midriff, out of respect for the local culture and to avoid unnecessary attention.  

It’s also a good idea to avoid anything transparent when you’re planning what to wear in Egypt. White clothes are borderline in this regard, besides the fact that it will not stay lily white if the dust has its way.  

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Beware, the sun is brutal

Our top tip for what to pack for your trip to Egypt if you’re a woman? Don’t dare zip up your luggage without picking out your favourite ever-versatile scarf or pashmina. Not only will it protect you from the harsh sun, it will ensure you’re appropriately covered when visiting Egypt’s most sacred sites. 

Dressing modestly is required when visiting the sacred sites so consider this when you're planning what to wear and pack for your trip to Egypt

Don’t let the heat of the day trick you into thinking you don’t need a jacket for the evening, especially in winter (November to April). While pleasantly warm during the day, the temperature drops quickly at night and you’ll be grateful you packed one. 

On the point of covering up, you may wonder whether it’s appropriate to pack your swimming costume and indeed it is if you’re planning to relax at a resort on the Red Sea or splash about on a Nile cruise. Don’t forget to bring your wide-brimmed hat and high-SPF sunscreen though to keep you safe from the blistering rays.  

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Protect your skin against the harsh sun when you're planning what to wear and pack for Egypt and your Nile cruise

Lastly, ensure comfort top to toe by wearing the right shoes, and that means sturdy and practical. After all, you’ve come to explore the fascinating history of Egypt and its magnificent monuments, from the Giza Pyramids to the grand temples of Luxor and Aswan, so you don’t want to be plagued with uncomfortable shoes.   

What to pack for your trip to Egypt  

No trip to Egypt would be complete without seeing the Giza pyramids

Staying safe and clean

It goes without saying, but staying safe should be your top priority on your trip to Egypt and you’ll want to ensure you’re well equipped with hand sanitiser, hand wipes and of course a mask or two. You’ll be grateful for the spare when you need to wash your mask to get rid of the dust.  

Sun protection

We also recommend packing a high-SPF sunscreen – SPF50 will do just fine – as well as other items to shield you from that unforgiving Egyptian sun we keep reminding you about. Pack a shawl or scarf, a wide-brimmed hat and long, loose clothes made from natural fibres.  

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Thing long and loose when considering what to wear on your trip to Egypt

Keeping charged up

Some of the other more practical tips on what to pack for your trip to Egypt include insect repellent, a European plug adapter, and a good portable charger to keep your phone and camera charged so you can capture all those unforgettable memories throughout your journey. 

Leave your valuables at home

On the point of valuables, like anywhere in the world it’s always a good idea to leave your valuables at home and to ensure your cards, passport and cash are safe and concealed at all times.  

Our final packing tip to make sure your trip to Egypt is one you’ll remember forever? Leave some space in your luggage for a memento of your epic exploration of ancient Egypt.

Excited about your trip to Egypt? Start now by putting your packing list together. Or perhaps you’ve visited Egypt and have some fantastic tips on what to wear? Let us know in the comments below! 

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