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These 7 guests took their families on a guided tour – and loved it

Recently updated on April 4th, 2024 at 04:05 pm

Have you been dreaming of a brilliant escape with the entire family, but are wondering if a guided tour is the right fit? We thought we’d share some first-person recounts from families who joined a Trafalgar tour with us so you can hear firsthand what it’s like to travel with family.

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We understand that families come in all shapes and sizes – from adventurous grandparents traveling with grandkids to close-knit siblings reuniting for an epic journey. On all our tours we allow children aged between 5 and 17 to join. 

Forget rigid itineraries and bored teenagers, our tours are designed with families in mind, offering the perfect blend of adventure, exploration, and activities that cater to all ages. In fact, we even have specially curated itineraries specifically designed for families, filled with engaging experiences perfect for children.

Let’s hear from our past guests themselves why Trafalgar is the perfect choice for families of all kinds, sizes, and ages!

The big European family tour

Photo of Megan with her husband and two sons on a boat on a canal in Venice

The joy and wonder on our kids’ faces was priceless and for that we were so grateful

Megan M

Megan and her family joined our European Wonderland tour, a 11-day trip from Rome to Paris designed especially for families. This special journey brings history to life as you learn about life as a Roman gladiator and join a pizza-making class. Together you’ll paint carnival masks and feast in the great hall of a 12th-century castle with our BE My guest dinner. It’s a special rip that includes all the city highlights plus engaging experiences to keep the whole family involved.

“Taking my husband and boys to Venice for their first visit was so exciting.” Said Megan, “Our beautiful tour guide, Lara arranged the private water taxis for us and it was the most amazing way to see Venice!!”

TAKE THE TRIP: European Wonderland

Making family memories on Trafalgar tours together

Paul with his wife and son standing in front of a large fountain

This vacation was also a graduation gift to my son, a kind of rite of passage

Paul P

“Once a year, I would take my family on a trip to someplace new in North America or Europe. This was not only a fun adventure for us all, but also a good way to teach our kids about different cultures, art, food, and history,” says past guest Paul P. 

“For example, one year we went on Trafalgar’s Gladiators, Gondolas and Gold tour. On this trip, not only did we have fun at gladiator school and on a gondola ride, we learned the history of ancient Rome and the Medici family, saw Michelangelo’s frescoed ceiling in the Sistine Chapel and statue of David, enjoyed pizza and lots of gelato, and experienced the laid-back Italian culture of relaxing on the Spanish Steps and in St. Mark’s Square. It was an experience my family will never forget!

“Last summer we took a similar trip, but it was also quite different. For the first time, our daughter did not join us, as she had a summer internship for college. Additionally, this trip was sort of a rite of passage for our son, whom just graduated high school and was going off to college himself in a couple months. 

“The trip, Trafalgar’s Sound of Music tour did not disappoint for being that growing into adulthood experience for our son. On this trip, we were able to enjoy the culture of German biergartens and alpine living, the art of the Royal Collection at the Kunsthistorisches Museum and music of Strauss and Mozart, good Bavarian food, such as bratwurst and pretzels, and the history of King Ludwig II and the Habsburg rule. 

“We also learned the dark history of WWII at Dachau and the Eagle’s Nest, as well as the lighthearted music of “The Sound of Music”. 

“This vacation was also a graduation gift to my son, a kind of rite of passage, where he got to experience new things, such as hefeweizen and schnapps, and learn to be a little bit more independent, going off on his own to see the sites (as Mom and Dad stayed back at a café).

“It was a perfect adventure for preparing him for college life and us getting to spend some much-needed time with him.”

TAKE THE TRIP: Sound of Music

A 26-year travel dream to visit Italy

Rebecca and her husband and two sons on a gondola in Venice

To be able to share this with my kids and create lifelong memories together is so precious.

Rebecca A

“After 26 years of dreaming we finally made it,” says past guest Rebecca about her trip to Italy. “To use the word amazing doesn’t do justice to the wonders we saw. Every place we stood in a moment of silence, speechless to the wonders that were in front of us. 

“Our guide Maria was wonderful so knowledgeable, which made the experience so much more. I choose this photo as this was always on my dream list – a ride down the canals of Venice.”

Rebecca took her children on our Best of Italy trip, a 13-day tour that ticks off everything from ancient treasures of Rome to Renaissance Florence and everything in between. 

TAKE THE TRIP: Best of Italy

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First international trip with kids

David's wife and two ons photographed holding ice creams in front of a lake

“This was our first trip international with the kids. We had the most amazing time seeing so many different areas and cultures throughout Europe!”

David R

Past guest David joined our Grand European trip, a three-week jaunt from London to Amsterdam, taking you past Vienna, Rome, Paris and more. This special extended tour includes all the must-do cities and sights, but also takes you off the beaten path – whether than means exploring the Black Forest or learning the polka dance.

“It was made even better by the amazing groups of travelers from across the globe we were with. Jake was a wonderful knowledgeable tour guide adding to the trip for sure! This was my wife and my third tour with Trafalgar and we are already looking through the brochures to figure out where to go next!”

TAKE THE TRIP: Grand European

A lost passport didn’t stop the family trip to Ireland

Selfie photo of Joy with her son and daughter in front of a castle in Ireland

“Christmas together in Killarney, Ireland will be a memory I tell for years to come! 

Joy K

“We had been planning our very special, once-in-a-lifetime, Irish Highlights trip for over a year. We had decided to go at Christmas time as we knew it would be magical,” says past guest Joy. “This trip was to celebrate my son’s college graduation, give my daughter, a taste of Ireland, and for me to visit the land of my grandparents, great grandparents and extended family! 

“Just a few days before our trip. I lost my passport. Unfortunately, this threw a huge wrench into our plans. The trip was myself and my two grown children, so I begged them to go and still enjoy the trip without me. 

“I had already contacted our spectacular tour manager Terry, and knew my kiddos would be in great hands. I put my son on a plane in Orlando and my daughter flew out of Indianapolis. Once they landed in Dublin, they were taken care of by one of the best humans ever, our Trafalgar tour manager, Terry, whom I had already been in touch with, so he knew that things were not as expected and he made sure that they felt part of the group! 

“I then proceeded to make a 10-hour round-trip drive down to Miami, got a new passport, and hopped on the next nonstop plane I could to Ireland. Planes, trains, and buses later, I was able to meet up with the travel group on Christmas Eve! 

“Terry helped surprise my kids who did not know I was on the way! To have missed this trip would have been a great regret, but instead, thank you to Trafalgar and everything they did it was, the trip of a lifetime! 

“Being part of Trafalgar, we felt like rock stars, treated to the best! Terry pulled out all the stops, despite challenges during the holidays, we never wanted for anything except more time to enjoy this trip that will stay with us forever! Thank you again for being the very best part of our Irish Christmas adventure!”

TAKE THE TRIP: Irish Highlights

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to touring

Georgia and her husband and two kids photographed in front of the colorful houses on the island of Burano

Not only were we able to take our kids to so many spectacular places in the world, we also got to share it with some wonderful people who embraced our kids and made us feel comfortable being the only family with small children. It was trip of a lifetime and we will never forget this experience.

Georgia C

TAKE THE TRIP: Traditional Europe

Opa! Making friends in Greece with family

Julie, striking a running pose with her two kids

Not only did my teenage kids have the best possible experience for the first international trip, but we truly made lifelong friends in the group! We have since gone and visited them back in the States! Every aspect of our trip was fabulous. Since then, I have traveled with Trafalgar again, and enthusiastically recommend them to everyone!

Julie R

TAKE THE TRIP: Best of Greece

Are you planning a family tour in 2024? Let us know where you want to visit in the comments below…

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