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Happy National Portugal Day!

Did you know that today – 10 June – is Portugal’s National Day? The date marks a day of cultural celebration and colourful parades for those all over Portugal as well as Portuguese people all over the world, who aim to preserve Portuguese traditional culture for future generations and promote the contributions of Portuguese people in the areas they live. And what better way to do that than with a big, family-friendly party filled with fireworks, theatre, music and feasting! We’ll certainly be celebrating Portugal Day today here at Trafalgar.

National Portugal Day started to commemorate the death in 1580 of Luís de Camões, the writer of Os Lusiadas, the epic poem which is a tribute to Portugal’s history, especially the golden age of the 16th century explorations which helped establish Europe’s name. Portuguese people inevitably hold Luís de Camões in high esteem; if you are preparing to go on a Portugal tour, or plan to visit Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, look out for the handsome monument which was built in his memory that stands proudly over its busy streets.

If you live in London and want to take part in the fun, on Sunday 13 June, the Portugal Day celebrations will be in Kennington Park in South London in the area which is actually known as Little Portugal. USA celebrates most notably in Newark, New Jersey, with the two day Portugal Day Festival also on June 13, but there are more Portugal Day events in Rhode Island as well as California, some of which go on for months leading up to the date. Keep your eye out for local celebrations going on near you and be sure to take part in this celebration of beautiful Portugal this weekend. Divertir-se! (Have fun!)

Don’t forget to comment below and let us know how you celebrated Portugal Day where you are!

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