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An Italian food map

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One of the best bits of Italian travel is trying the regional food and drink of each location you stop in. Each province of Italy is famous for a certain produce, with regional variations of the Italian classics (like pizza, pasta and wine) to experiment with. To help prepare your taste buds for your next trip to Italy, we’ve created an Italian food map revealing what delicacies to eat and where.



food map of italy

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Milan has a couple of signature dishes to its name. One is Risotto alla Milanese; a bright yellow saffron-infused risotto dish. The other dish is the Italian version of a chicken ‘parmi’ or veal schnitzel; Cotoletta alla Milanese is a veal (or in some cases, chicken) cutlet, breaded and butter fried.

Explore Milan’s restaurant scene on the Northern Italy including Cinque Terre trip.



Parma is officially Italy’s only “Creative City for Gastronomy”, after UNESCO awarded it with the title in 2015. Parma has a long history of being a gastronomic centre, with the most famous products being Parma ham (prosciutto di Parma) and parmesan cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano).

Try these foods at the source when you visit a working prosciutto factory and a Parmigiano Reggiano caseificio on the Northern Italy including Cinque Terre trip.



tagliatelle ragu bologna

Arguably the most staple pasta dish, Bolognese or Ragù hails from the Northern Italian city of Bologna. Commonly served on top of tagliatelle (which can also claim Bologna its birthplace) or used to fill a lasagne, you’ll never taste a more authentic Bolognese than in this city.

Visit Bologna on our Italian Discovery trip. Buon appetito!



The city of Modena is another Italian foodie haven. Home to numerous Michelin starred restaurants, the city streets are filled with the smells of salty prosciutto and fragrant parmigiano. But as well as Pavarotti and Ferrari, Modena is famous for being the birthplace of traditional balsamic vinegar. Pick up your own bottle of artisan Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP as you get a guided tour of Modena on the Best of the Italian Lakes trip.



wine tasting tuscany

Iconic Chianti wines were traditionally served in a squat round bottle with a straw fiasco basket around it. Nowadays, most Chianti wines come in a standard shaped bottle, but will always don the official Chianti label of authenticity. You can taste a range of Chianti wines in the Chianti region, located between the provinces of Pisa, Florence, Siena and Arezzo in Tuscany. Sip Chianti wines in a local Tuscan wine farm on the Wonders of Italy trip.



No other country in the world offers as many varieties of olive oil as Italy does. Travelling around central and southern Italy, you’ll see many acres of olive groves and farms, but Tuscany is a big producer of distinctly peppery olive oils. You can taste Tuscan olive oils at the source, either in a 12th Century castle on the Italian Discovery, or during a Be My Guest dinner on the Rome and Tuscan Highlights.



italian food pizza rome

It is widely accepted that the best pizzas are found in and around Naples, but you can actually get world class pizza all over the country. Rome is also a hub for pizzerias, with its own particular style of Roman pizza base. When in Rome on your Trafalgar tour, explore the Roman streets and try out some of the city’s best pizzerias.



limoncello amalfi italy

The warmer, dryer climes of Southern Italy and Sicily provide ideal conditions for growing lemons. When you visit the areas of Amalfi and Sorrento, make sure that you try the popular Italian spirit Limoncello. Spend an evening sitting in a local Amalfi bar, sipping Limoncello and watching the sunset turn the sky glorious shades of pink. Now, that’s la dolce vita.

Visit Amalfi and Sorrento on the Italian Concerto.



ice cream gelato sicily

Sicily is not only famous for the beautiful beaches and majestic Mount Etna. The island is also famed for Sicilian gelato and Marsala wine. Marsala wine, often used in Italian cooking to make creamy cooking sauces, is produced in the region around the city of Marsala. And whilst ice cream is made and enjoyed across the whole of Italy, Sicilian gelato is especially famous.

Enjoy a true Sicilian food and wine experience on a wine farm at the foot of Mount Etna, on the Southern Italy and Sicily trip.


If this Italian food map has whetted your appetite for Italy, take a look at our Italy destination page for more information about our exclusive foodie experiences around the country. You can live la dolce vita with Trafalgar and Adam Swanson.

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    (Note: you can use sour cream for all of these dishes, even okroshka. We Russians put sour cream, or smetana, on everything!)

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      are thees mells easy to make

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      my freind mike is russian and he made Shashlik when i went over to his house ITS AMZING russia has the best dishes i say

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