Meet Julie and Justine, two best friends who met on tour

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Julie met her new best friend when Justine photobombed her selfie in Budapest. Justine and Julie were both travelling alone on a Trafalgar tour, and the two have been best friends since this meet-cute in the Hungarian capital. 

“We travel together all the time and are each other confidants, even though she lives in the US and I in Canada,” Julie said in her Trafalgar Unlocked Awards entry. 

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We reached out to past guest Julie to find out more about her favourite travel buddy and best friend, how she likes to travel, and where is next on her list.

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Tell us more about how you met your friend Justine while on tour. Did you instantly click? 

Justine and I were both travelling solo on the Imperial Europe tour in the fall of 2017. I had just gotten divorced and started exploring my life on my own trying to find myself. Justine always travelled alone prior to this trip.  

Justine was paired with another single traveller, but I was solo. On arriving in Munich I was immediately adopted into a group of ladies on a girls’ trip from San Francisco as they realised I was alone. 

It wasn’t until the third day when we were on the nighttime illumination tour in Budapest, and on the boat she photobombed me. We instantly clicked at that point and were inseparable for the rest of the trip.

EXPERIENCE IT: Imperial Europe

The famous photobomb selfie of Justine and Julie

How do you keep in touch with Justine?

We didn’t really have much life experience in common, with Justine being 10 years younger than me and in a relationship, while I was newly divorced. But we really enjoyed each other’s company shopping in Vienna at Zara, eating the same foods, and being goofy around each other. 

We became Facebook friends and keep constantly texting each other about all our mundane and important life events on a weekly basis. We help each other make decisions and give advice on relationships, and general support if we are having a bad day, etc.

How many other trips have you taken together since? 

The other trip we took together was Ireland in 2018. I am very busy and didn’t have time to figure out where I wanted to vacation next, so I told her to choose and what my budget was. My plan was just to show up, and that is exactly what happened! I wasn’t really excited about the choice (although I didn’t tell her that) but it was the best trip I have ever been on. I fell in love with Ireland. 

In 2019 my dad passed, and then covid became a reality, so we haven’t been on a trip since. But we are planning to travel to Portugal this fall.

Can you share a favourite memory from your most recent trip?

Going to Blarney Castle in Ireland to kiss the stone and receive the gift of gab, and climbing to the top of the castle was a favourite memory. I am afraid of heights and get very nervous, but Justine walked me through the experience all the while holding my hand.  If it wasn’t for her I would not have done that!

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Do you have a favourite destination, country or Trafalgar trip? 

My favourite destination was Ireland. It was a complete package. The food was amazing and delicious, the people of the country were very friendly and accommodating. And the landscape is second to none – beautiful, luscious and green. The country itself is full of history, and all the amazing writers of literature come from Ireland.

With our Trafalgar Unlocked Awards you can win 2 places on our Balkan Delight tour. Have you ever been to the Balkans? Who would you take?

I have never been to the Balkans, and I would take Justine. The architecture, culture, and the food would be top of my list, while also the history of the area. Many times the only eyes we have into an area is through the news media. However, I have since learnt that there is so much more to countries and news outlets can be misleading.

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EXPERIENCE IT: Balkan Delight

What destination do you dream of travelling to next? Where else is on your bucket list?

  • Portugal
  • Balkans
  • Scotland
  • France
  • Spain
  • Morocco

Have you entered our Trafalgar Unlocked Awards contest? It’s easy – if you’re a past guest of Trafalgar, just share a favourite memory with us. 

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