Lois and Alethea experience the 'Best of Scotland'

Firstly, I’d like to say tapadh leibh (it means “thank you” in Scots Gaelic) to Alethea, my daughter, for choosing a trip to Scotland and for being an awesome travel partner! She embraced haggis, visited a ‘goth’ club in Glasgow, and was always keen to explore with me.

Our Travel Director, Tom Lang, was fantastic! He was witty, funny, informative, experienced, and patient. I really liked the way he took us to places that were off the well-worn tourist path: the funeral bridge in Carrbridge, the Prayer Rock, Wee Peter’s statue, Leault Working Dogs to shear sheep, and to Fergus & Gregor Wood’s home – a working hill farm on the banks of a Loch – for our farewell dinner.

Jim, Alethea, Bunny, Tom at Carrbridge
Jim the coach driver, Alethea, Lois and Tom the Travel Director

Tom created lots of special moments, such as giving us shortbread and Drambuie at Glencoe, and taking us to one of his favorite restaurants in Glasgow. He’s been running this trip for nine years and never acted bored, nor did he rush us through any of the sights. It’s obvious that Tom loves his job, and he did an excellent job of passing on that enjoyment to us.

We saw and experienced so much in just one week! Big cities, small villages, lochs, rivers, mountains, valleys, farms, castles, a big-show production, a small two-man dinner program – you name it, we probably saw it. Alethea and I chose to add all of the optional experiences to our trip: Rosslyn Chapel, Blair Castle, the Taste of Scotland dinner show, the Loch Lomond boat ride, just to name a few.

Laggan Gaskmore Hotel
Laggan Gaskmore Hotel

Every hotel we stayed at had comfortable beds, delicious food, friendly staff, and a great location. In Edinburgh, we were a 15-minute walk from the Royal Mile. In Laggan, we enjoyed a country lodge with a view of the mountains and the sound of sheep softly baa-ing. In Glasgow, we were 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre where we could shop and admire the beautiful buildings. All in all, it was a well put-together trip.

Find out more about the Best of Scotland trip.

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