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London is a great place to introduce kids and teenagers to a European family getaway. Children and teenagers do not have to struggle with a foreign language, yet they still get immersed in a very cultural, historical and fun experience.

Since London is frequently featured in children’s literature and movies, you may want to get your youngsters familiar with the city’s major landmarks before your trip by showing them classic Disney movies such as Mary Poppins, Peter Pan or a more recent one, Harry Potter.

The Trafalgar Family Experiences trip to London includes visits to top Harry Potter attractions in London such as the site of the magical train platform 9-3/4 and the red telephone booth where Harry and Mr Weasley descend into the Ministry of Magic. Outside of London, Trafalgar’s Castles and Kilts itinerary takes families to Oxford University’s dining hall which was the inspiration for Hogwarts Hall.

The following are some attractions that I suggest you see and do while in London prior or after your Trafalgar trip.

Tower of London
It doesn’t get much more British than this! From viewing costumed Beefeaters to glittering crown jewels and even King Henry VIII’s armor, the Tower of London is a place that kids of all ages will always remember.

Tower Bridge experience
Walking across Tower Bridge is as much of an once-in-a-lifetime experience as walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.

London Eye
There’s more than meets the “eye” when you bring your family on the London Eye! While kids will enjoy the huge ferris wheel, the whole family will revel in the amazing views the Ferris wheel affords of quintessential London.

Hamley’s toy store
Located in the shopping mecca of Regent Street, Hamley’s Toy Store is not to be missed. This classic toy store carries iconic characters such as Harry Potter toys as well as its own brand. Parents: You will probably want to give your child a spending limit before you enter this treasure trove!

 London’s many parks are another option for kids and teens to let loose. The top ones include St. James Park, Regents Park and Hyde Park. These parks are great spots for strolling, running around or bringing a picnic lunch.

 Madame Tussauds
The first Madame Tussauds wax museum was established in 1835 in London and then moved to its present London location 127 years ago.  This long history is successfully combined with today’s stars and celebs for a treat for all ages.

Family experiences

View from the London Eye









By Luisa Frey
 As a family travel writer for 17 years, Luisa’s articles have been published extensively in print and online.

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