9 of the most controversial pizza topping combinations

Name the most controversial pizza topping? A hot topic among pizza lovers, toppings make our favourite cheesy comfort food what it is. Many stick by their personal choices, religiously ordering pepperoni every time. While others get appalled looks at the whisper of the word ‘pineapple’. But relax. This is a safe space. And to celebrate National Pizza Day (9th February annually) – we’ve rounded up the craziest and coolest pizza toppings from around the world that might change the way you eat pizza forever.

Strawberry and salmon

Strawberry and salmon. We bet you didn’t expect to discover this when you woke up. A fruity and fishy favourite in Pretoria (South Africa), imagine that citrusy bite with the fresh fish reminding you the sea air is near. Colourful. With tastebud-tingling flavours too.

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Cicadas (winged insects)

Caught your attention? You right that read. A restaurant in Ohio (USA) turned heads with what was claimed was a cicada-topped ‘cicada-pie pizza’ (the restaurant later claimed they weren’t selling actual cicadas as it was illegal). A crispy crunch with a helping of protein. One to run from or put on your bucket list. Taste the buzz!

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Widely deemed the kings of comfort food, perhaps it was a master stroke to combine pizzas and kebabs. Finishing one is worthy of applause. And as if you needed an excuse, you’ll want to touch down in New York to devour this local favourite.

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Banana Curry

Found in Stockholm, banana curry pizza might just be the most controversial pizza topping of them all. But one you have to say you’ve tried… even if you’re put off by sweet and savoury topping combinations.

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Meat lover? Australia’s official animal also pops up as a controversial pizza topping in Sydney, Oz. It’s sliced thinly and added with peppers and olive oil. More scrumptious than it looks. Or for an alternative: try crocodile!

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Coconut shavings

Those who disapprove of fruit as a pizza topping should look away. In typical Costa Rican style, the locals capitalise on their fresh fruit supply and shave coconut onto their pizzas. Coconut shavings are also a popular topping on a banana and caramel dessert pizza. Thoughts?

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Green peas

Too healthy for pizza? Or a delightful green boost your pizza experience has been craving? Whatever camp you’re in, Brazil’s favourite green pea pizza (pea-zza, anyone?) deserves a bite.

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A unique way to get Christmasy. Or simply a standard lunch in Finland! Reindeer topping with onions is a big hit in Finland. Dare give it a try?

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Full English

Two meals in one. Bacon, sausages, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, fried egg, baked beans and black pudding feels much more than a pizza ‘topping’. But we can’t resist the sight. Look to UK cafes for a taste (or make at home!)


So there you have it! Which one is your most controversial pizza topping? Let us know in the comments below.

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