15 strangest things people google on Christmas day

From the people of Ohio wondering where to buy coal, to Rhode Islanders looking for a festive fling on Tinder, if you’re wondering what is the most searched thing on Google on Christmas day, we have answers…

15. Happy Birthday Jesus!

To start the list with real Christmas Spirit, the search term most popular with merry folks of Greenville, North Carolina, was “Happy Birthday Jesus”. We assume this is to find the song of the same name by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir (A Christmas classic!), but we could be wrong.

14. Cheese Broccoli Balls recipes

Not happy with the offerings of turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts and parsnips, many people are looking to expand their culinary options as late as Christmas Day itself, with recipes such as cheese broccoli balls a popular search term.

13. Christmas Memes

Arizona knows what the score is when it comes to finding the hottest Christmas related content – these guys are all about the memes. Special thanks to the people of Arizona for allowing us to give air time to this Christmas classic…

12. How many Brussel Sprouts are eaten at Christmas?

A fantastic question which seems to be popular across the English speaking and sprout eating world. Whilst we are unclear on the amount, Brits eat a whopping 1000 sprouts over a lifetime at Christmas, according to Google.

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11. Can you take Christmas crackers on a plane?

In case you’re pondering this yourself, the official line according to a US Transportation Security spokesman is: “These items are prohibited from flying in checked or carry-on bags. They are flammable and should not be brought on airplanes. They fall in the same category as sparklers and fireworks.” So there you have it!

10. How to get a Christmas card from the royal family

There is no existing protocol to get a Christmas card from the Queen of England at the moment, however you can get a card if you’re celebrating your 100th birthday or your 60th year of marriage.

9.Trump Santa Blow up Doll

It’s out there, and people want it

8. Andrea Bocelli, Italian Opera singer

Bocelli is a bizarrely popular search term in Wyoming, North Dakota, New Hampshire and Vermont over the Christmas period. Celine Dion once said of Bocelli “If God had a singing voice, he must sound an awful lot like Andrea Bocelli”. High praise indeed.

7. Where to buy coal  

It seems the children of Ohio are on Santa’s naughty list, given the high number of people searching for where to buy coal in Ohio last year.

6. Denver Broncos

Apparently if you’re a die-hard NFL football fan there are no days off. As the Denver Broncos were playing the Oakland Raiders (soon to be Las Vegas Raiders) it would make sense for this search term to be popular in Colorado and California, however the Broncos were a popular search term in every state.

5. How to apply eyeshadow

We can only assume that eyeshadow is the most popular Christmas make up gift, or at least the one gifted the most. If you’re curious on this question you can find out how to apply eyeshadow here.

4. Is the Grinch real?

Unfortunately, the answer to your question Texans, is that the Grinch does not exist. On the plus side, we can confirm that both Benedict Cumberbatch, who voiced the Grinch in 2018, and Jim Carrey who played Grinch in the 2000 movie, and both alive and well.

3. Tinder

It seems the people of Rhode Island are still searching for their under-the-mistletoe kiss even on Christmas day. Better luck next year folks!

2.  Platypus

In Australia, the Christmas day Google traffic is dominated by search terms relating to sport, boxing day sales, and semiaquatic egg-laying mammals. The perilous Sydney to Hobart Yacht race and Harvey Norman Boxing Day sales were both searched more than the Platypus, however the monotreme creature is the 6th highest increasing search term on Australian Christmas.

1. Kardashian Christmas Card

We’re not too sure why people in Wyoming are particularly interested in Kardashian Christmas cards, all we know is it’s a thing.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very merry Christmas, and to thank you all for visiting out little corner of the internet. May all your Christmas wishes come true, and we look forward to fulfilling all your travel dreams in 2020 and beyond.

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