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6 bucket-list worthy places to visit in Patagonia

Patagonia is undoubtedly the perfect place for adventure seekers to visit with challenging hikes, epic climbs, thrilling canoeing all part of its stunning landscape. Packed full of natural splendour and UNESCO-listed world heritage sites, Patagonia is packed with stunning glaciers, incredible lakes and beautiful wildlife roaming freely. It’s really no wonder Charles Darwin was so transfixed with the wonders of Patagonia when he sailed the southern seas in the HMS Beagle back in 1800s. To inspire your next adventure, here are the 6 things that must be on your Patagonia bucket list.

1. Tierra del Fuego National Park

The opportunity to visit the world’s most southern city, Ushuaia, should be at the top of your Patagonia bucket list. Initially it may simply be for the bragging rights. However, it’s the extraordinary landscapes of Tierra del Fuego National Park that are the real reason why it should be at the top of your list. Come face to face with stunning forests, waterfalls and snow-capped mountains. Be sure to keep an eye out for some of Argentina’s beavers, eagles and red foxes that inhabit the area. It’s a true sanctuary for wildlife and full of biological richness.

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2. Martillo Island Penguin Colony

Whilst in Ushuaia, you cannot miss to opportunity to observe the array sea birds just off the bay. From the majestic Black Eyebrow Albatross to the comical steamer ducks and a whole spectrum of different types of gulls, this is a bird watchers paradise. Yet the real highlight is sailing to see the cute little Magellanic penguins that call Martillo Island their home.

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3. Los Glaciares National Park

Striking arctic blue and white glaciers spawned by the massive South Patagonian Ice Field await at the UNESCO-listed Los Glaciares National Park. Complete with milky coloured glacial lakes and towering snowcapped peaks, it’s no wonder this enchanting yet rugged landscape is on everyone’s Patagonia bucket list. Hope to witness a massive igloo iceberg plummet into the lake before you get pleasantly windswept on the southern beach forests to live your adventurer fantasy.

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4. Mount Fitz Roy

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an adventurous hiker, then taking on Mount Fitz Roy definitely needs to be on your Patagonia bucket list. Sometimes hidden behind clouds, when the mountain reveals itself from its misty domain your jaw will drop. Mount Fitz Roy offers world-class hiking on the border between Argentina and Chile, with spectacular views of Los Glaciares’ mesmerizing lakes from its summit.

5. Marble Caves

Looking like a mix between an alien landscape and an icy Tim Burton movie, the Marble Caves on Chile’s General Carrera Lake are some of the most unique in the world. The smooth soft blue, pink and green swirls that run through the arches of the caves’ were formed over thousands of years. Exploring this mysterious maze by kayaking on the luminescent turquoise lake is simply a must for the most spellbinding Patagonia bucket list experience.

6. Torres del Paine National Park

The Torres Del Paine, or Towers of Paine, are three giant granite pillars that stand 2,800 metres above the Patagonian Steppes in the UNESCO-listed Torres del Paine National Park. Also known as Cleopatra’s Needles, these jagged spikes are thought of as the jewel in Patagonia’s crown and are surrounded by shimmering blue lakes, roaring creeks and cascading waterfalls. Nature at its very finest and perfect for hikers with a sense of adventure.

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