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The 7 best tours for solo travelers to take after a break up

Travel after a break up won’t repair whatever went wrong in that relationship, but it will leave you loving yourself and falling in love with other beautiful people in our wondrous world. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the very best places to travel after a break up.

Best of Holland

The Netherlands | 7 Days

  • Cruise the winding canals
  • Tour the Rijksmuseum
  • Stop and smell the Keukenhof gardens during tulip season

Perfect break up vacation for: Clearing your head.

Let the Netherlands help you get out of your funk and into the right headspace. This six-day sightseeing tour includes the essentials for a breakup: lots of cheese. Dine with locals on their dairy farms, filling that hole in your heart with Gouda. Plus, there’s a full day we call ‘Amsterdam Your Way’. Red light district, coffeehouses, you do you — or rather, what the “new” you would do. 

Canal and buildings in Amsterdam on a sunny day. Amsterdam is one of the best places to travel after a break up.

Consider Trafalgar’s Amsterdam Explorer tour and get back in the saddle.

Greek Island Hopper

Greece | 10 Days

  • See Athens’ top sites
  • Soak up the sun in Santorini
  • Swim in the Aegean

Perfect break up trip for: Partying it up with new friends on the beach.

A high speed ferry may not be the single’s cruise you had in mind, but this ten-day adventure around the Greek islands will still do the trick. Get to Athens and we’ll do the rest. Santorini and Mykonos are your playgrounds for a few nights. Loosen up, mingle with other singles on the sand, and see where the night takes you.

Mykonos island port with boats at sunset, Greece

Spoiler alert: Trafalgar’s Greek Island Hopper tour won’t leave you sitting on the couch wondering what your ex is up to.

Impressions of South America

Argentina & Brazil | 12 Days

  • Fish for piranha in the Amazon
  • Gorge on dulce de leche ice cream without having to share
  • Learn to Samba and Tango

Perfect break up trip for: Rediscovering yourself, your hobbies, and your goals.

What better way to get reacquainted with yourself, and travel after a break up, than spending twelve days roaming around South America? Stop scrolling through old photos of you and your beau and start searching for giant anaconda hanging out in the Amazon rainforest. Get back to quality me-time while fishing, playing beach volleyball, and photographing wildlife while exploring Brazil and Argentina.

Aerial view of the Amazon Rainforest with river in Brail

Dance the night away with a new partner on Trafalgar’s Impressions of South America tour.

Spain, Morocco & Portugal

Spain, Morocco & Portugal | 16 Days

  • Cross the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry
  • Eat way too many pastel de natas in Lisbon
  • Shop Madrid’s Gran Vía

Perfect break up vacation for: Venting about your ex over tapas  

We get it — you don’t want to be that person who still talks about their ex, but every breakup warrants at least one evening when you absolutely unload all of those thoughts, emotions, and expletives you’ve politely held onto for years. So do travel after a break up and do it in Spain over tapas, then in Morocco as you get lost in the souks. By the time you get to Portugal, you’ll never want to utter your former partner’s name again.

Close up of hands together holding tapas

Trafalgar’s Spain, Morocco and Portugal tour is all ears for ranting about your ex (plus these countries are some of the best places to travel alone as a female).

America’s Great Desert National Parks

USA | 10 Days

  • Soothe your body and mind in Palm Springs
  • Visit Death Valley, the only thing more unforgiving than your ex
  • Enjoy a naked date on an organic farm

Perfect for: Letting the tears flow under a starlit sky 

You need to let all, and we mean ALL, of those tears out when you travel after a break up. The desert is where to travel alone if you need to let it all out. Find time to bawl as you explore America’s West. You’ll weep beneath the stars, amongst the cacti, and under the neon lights of Las Vegas should you choose. And to put things in perspective, you’ll find something that’s saltier than those final text messages: the Salton Sea.

Sailing stones of Death Valley

Great news: Trafalgar’s America’s Great Desert National Parks tour is free of pricks (so long as you don’t touch the giant saguaro cacti).

Classic Japan

Japan | 11 Days

  • Ride the bullet train to Kyoto
  • Visit a Kiyomizu pottery workshop
  • Marvel at massive Mt. Fuji

Perfect break up vacation for: Immersing yourself in somewhere new. 

Worst parts of a breakup? Seeing them in everything you do. Whether it’s hearing “your” special song on the radio or watching a sporting event that they never miss on the weekends, too many reminders exist back home. So avoid them all by immersing yourself in the culture of Japan – one of the best places to travel after a break up. From Tokyo to Osaka, you’ll have every opportunity to forget them for eleven days as you learn Taiko drumming, share food at an izakaya group dining experience, and watch tame deer wander around Nara Park.

Shinkansen bullet train in foreground with cherry blossoms with Mount Fuji in background, Japan

Say sayonara to your time as a couple with Trafalgar’s Classic Japan tour.

Australian Highlights

Australia | 13 Days

  • Paint your own Aboriginal artwork
  • Eat your way through Melbourn’s Queen Victoria Market
  • Cruise to the Great Barrier Reef

Perfect break up trip for: Getting as far away from them as possible.

You can’t exactly run from the world when your heart breaks but you can travel after a break up to the other side of the world. Take a plane to Australia and get as far away from your ex as possible for two weeks. Sydney’s got a pub walk on deck that’ll wilt your broken heart as you tilt your happy head. Feel a true connection to Uluru’s red desert. Ride a hot air balloon above the Atherton Tablelands and finally rid yourself of them, physically and mentally.

Aerial view of lady Musgrave island and the great barrier reef, queensland, Australia

Hang out with koalas and kangaroos who don’t have intimacy issues on Trafalgar’s Australian Highlights tour.

Hey, we’re not looking for something serious; just a fun fling for a few weeks. Scope out all of Trafalgar’s tours and swipe right on the one you think will rock your world.

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