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Sports obsessed? Here are the best Trafalgar sports tours for you

There’s something special about sports tours. The deafening roar of the crowd. The smell of freshly cut grass. The aura of snow-covered mountains. The chance to see your idols up close. No matter your motivation, sports tours are an excellent way to connect to cultures and communities. All active types take note – here’s where to travel to follow your favourites.

If you like skiing…

There’s nothing like fresh mountain air on your skin. Skiing’s thrills, freedom and majestic mountain views have caused travellers to traverse the globe for generations in search of the next best run. For first-timers and experienced skiers alike, Switzerland is a perfect place to hit the slopes – with its sweeping (powder-covered) runs, cosy mountain-side villages and gorgeous Alpine views. Freely roam the Mount Titlis glacier on Trafalgar’s Swiss Delight tour while the snow is still fresh.

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If you like hiking…

sports tours

If you’re one for leg burn, stop into South Africa. Hike the Lion’s Head mountain (part of the stunning background to Cape Town in Table Mountain National Park). Enjoy the inside knowledge of your Local Guide who knows the trails like the back of their hand. Soak in beautiful views of the city, Table Mountain and Camps Bay along the way – painted different colours by the sunset during your ascent and atmospheric twilight on your way down later. And yes, this hike is yours to savour on our Cape Town Explorer sports tour.

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If you like football…

sports tour

Spain is all about football fervour. Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of the world’s most decorated clubs – and just a short walk around these cities will give you a flavour. Expect to see locals wearing club scarfs and shirts, bars showing match replays and chants in the streets on math days. Barcelona’s Nou Camp (pictured above) holds 99,354 spectators. A seat here is bucket-list worthy for football and non-football fans alike. No matter your seat allocation, the view drops your jaw to the floor. And that’s before a goal even goes in! What are you waiting for? Discover Barcelona and Madrid on our Best of Spain tour to feel it for yourself.

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Sports tours if you like cricket…

Australia cricket

Australian summer is all about cricket. Head ‘Down Under’ on Trafalgar’s Contrasts of Australia between September and April to watch it at its best. Scout out Sydney Cricket Ground in your free time. Or the massive Melbourne Cricket Ground – which hosts a staggering 100,024 fans. Feel the stadium erupt when the Aussies take a wicket. Unwind as you watch balls fly across the glistening green grass in the summer sun. This is a must for all memorable sports tours. Just trust us.

If you like ice hockey…

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is like a religion in Canada. From the audible crunch of a big tackle to the crazy roar of a goal, Canada’s national sport is unforgettable up close. Hop on Trafalgar’s Eastern Canada tour for an immersive ice hockey experience in Toronto. A staff member will walk you into the Toronto Maple Leaf’s dressing room give you a flavour of a day in the life of a player. You’ll meet a hockey player and put on the full gear with the help of a coach. Grab your stick and hit the ice where you’ll soon find out whether you are a lefty or righty, and learn how to score the big goal. And hear the secrets, stories and superstitions of players.

Sports tours if you like athletics…

athletics sports tours

Athletics lovers must head to Athens – where the first Summer Olympic games was held in April 1896. Jump on Trafalgar’s Best of Greece tour to see the Panathenaic Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies (and several contests) were held. Look for a safe place for your jaw to land as you marvel at the only stadium in the world built entirely from marble. Incredibly, it held 80,000 spectators when built in 566BC. There’s definitely a place for you here now.

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If you like surfing…

sports tours

Hawaii is paradise for big wave lovers. But beginners can find their way here too. Grab a surf board and head down to the warm waters on any of our Hawaii tours. Watch the pros, get a lesson, or simply lie on your board facing the soaring sun. Life is blissful here. Whether here on a sports tour or simply relaxing, Hawaii is a magical island to spend time. Say ‘Aloha!’

Sports tours if you like walking…


Often the best way to soak in a destination is on foot. Keen walkers should look no further than our Scenic Park Explorer to roam the heart of mother nature. Nothing refreshes the body and mind like clean air and luscious, unfolding greenery that ebbs and flows at every step. Take your chance to explore Yellowstone National Park, the foothills of the Rockies and mighty Grand Canyon. Crystal-blue skies, friendly sun and world-class walking await. Time to tie your shoelaces.

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Which of these sports tours has inspired you? Let us know in the comments below!

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