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6 Travel Directors share their tips on staying healthy while traveling

Staying healthy while traveling isn’t easy. Exploring a new place disrupts your routine, and your itinerary can get so busy you end up coming home more exhausted. Or, you lounge around doing nothing at all and end up feeling like a lump (we’ve been there too). So we reached out to 6 Trafalgar Travel Directors for their tips on staying healthy while traveling. These experts on travel are always on the road, pulling the strings and making everything tick. With barely a second to stop, it’s really important that they carve out time to care of themselves. Here are their favorite self care methods for staying healthy while traveling, from meditation and mindfulness to getting a great night’s sleep.

Eve’s gratitude practice

Eve is constantly trekking across France on several different European tours (Wonderful France and Treasures of France and Normandy to name a few). With such a busy schedule, she needs to look after herself to make sure she provides the best experience possible. She shared with us her self care methods for how to stay healthy while traveling, which focus around a deep sense of gratitude.

I try to have at least one moment of the day where I fully appreciate the beauty of a monument, place or view and be consciously present, like a peak moment that despite any trials and tribulations reminds me why I do this job that I love. – Eve

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The positivity prescription by Travel Director Letizia

Letizia, a Florentine born and bred, knows the definition of ‘La Dolce Vita’. The good life includes beauty, passion, and a healthy dose of positivity. Her attitude is simply infectious, something you’ll see when you join her on Best of Italy for a tour of Italy’s most iconic cities, including incredible Venice.

Positive attitude no matter what, always happy and grateful, no alcohol and lots of vegetables, try to sleep as much as I can. – Letizia

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Start the day right, says TD Maria

Travel Director Maria has an incredibly busy schedule. She works on amazing Trafalgar itineraries like Grand Italian Experience, but also juggles several of our sister brand tours, like Costsaver and Luxury Gold. This makes it essential for her to look after herself properly. She shared some very sage advice on how to stay healthy while traveling: make the morning count.

Sleep is the most important thing but sometimes we do not get enough of it with all our duties in the day. Then I take vitamins and ginseng in the morning, eat some almonds, drink lots of water and do some yoga stretches before getting ready for another day. – Maria

Get the basics right with TD Ed

Working as a Travel Director for Britain & Ireland is amazing, but those 8 days can really wear you down. Covering 5 countries and 13 cities is tiring work, especially when you’re the one in charge of the whole affair. That’s why Ed always make sure to get ‘8 hours sleep and drink lots of water’. Sounds simple, but simple works.

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Elvira’s meditation and mindfulness

Elvira finds stillness while she unlocks the best of Italy for our guests on Italian Glory. She makes sure everything’s taken care of for her guests, which means a constant barrage of things to do. Her rock? Meditation and mindfulness.

30 minutes of meditation every morning sets the pace for the day … always grateful and in love with life. – Elvira

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Lisa’s stretching routine helps her stay healthy while traveling

Follow in the footsteps of Italian Travel Director Lisa, who starts of tours like Southern Italy and Sicily with some ‘must do’ stretches. This simple habit keeps you grounded, and helps you both physically and mentally stay healthy while traveling.

I never get out of bed without doing some “must do” stretches, ankle circles and spinal twists .. This short routine helps prepare me mentally for the day . – Lisa

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What are your favorite ways to stay healthy while traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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