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A tennis icon, a world-famous comedian, and the Swiss Alps. So, what’s the connection?

Recently updated on August 13th, 2023 at 04:17 pm

With its iconic Alpine scenery, authentic traditions and friendly locals, it’s no surprise that Switzerland holds a special place in our hearts. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Switzerland Tourism to support the launch of a new film starring Swiss tennis icon Roger Federer and comedian Trevor Noah.

The film follows the pair as they make their way across Switzerland by train, with a few hi-jinks along the way. And, as a member of our Trafalgar community, you can be amongst the first to watch this iconic duo in action. Just take a look:

To find out more about the film, and what Switzerland has in store for Trafalgar guests, we spoke with two travel industry figures who know Switzerland better than most. The Travel Corporation’s CEO Gavin Tollman has called Switzerland home for the last 14 years, while Simon Bosshart, Chief Markets Officer East for Switzerland Tourism, knows the country inside-out.

Portrait image of Simon Bosshart. He's standing outside, against a background of a leafy street. He's wearing a blue blazer over a black shirt.
Simon Bosshart loves the variety of traditions and landscapes in Switzerland

Simon, tell us a bit about the most recent film release with Roger Federer and Trevor Noah; and why Trafalgar Tours was the only choice to be your join launch partner?

After an incomparable tennis career, Roger Federer retired from top-level tennis last year. However, he is and remains a brand ambassador for Switzerland Tourism. That makes sense, because Roger Federer was, is and will remain not only the greatest Swiss sportsman, but also the best ambassador for the country.

“A look at the past two years, in which he has set new standards for national tourism advertising together with Switzerland Tourism, is the best proof of this. After Robert De Niro – and Anne Hathaway in 2022 – stood by his side in front of the camera in 2021, the Switzerland Tourism brand ambassador will again receive acting support this year.

“The co-star of the 2023 campaign is Trevor Noah, comedian, presenter and actor, and like Roger Federer, half Swiss, half South African. The film positions Switzerland as an attractive travel destination and focuses on rail travel. We are very happy and proud to further leverage our partnership with TTC Tour brands to promote our country and to share our campaign content with Trafalgar subscribers.“

Portrait of Gavin Tollman. He's standing on a balcony overlooking a street in Geneva. He's wearing dark-framed glasses and a blue jacket over a navy sweater with a white shirt underneath.
Geneva-based Gavin Tollman describes Switzerland as ”soul-stirring“.

Gavin, why is this launch partnership so important to Trafalgar Tours?

“I could not be prouder of the long-standing partnership and friendship between TTC Tour Brands and Switzerland Tourism. Being born in South Africa and having now lived in Switzerland for over 14 years, I am still overwhelmed by the magnificent beauty of the landscapes and the extraordinary Swiss way of life, coupled with the mixing pot of cultures that bring a unique soul to the place.

“For this reason I am humbled that TTC Tour Brands and Switzerland Tourism have been working together for so many years to promote Switzerland. And the new Switzerland Tourism campaign featuring Roger Federer and Trevor Noah showcases in the unparalleled reasons for travelers to choose Switzerland as their next place to visit.”

Image of a view looking across the vineyards of Lavaux towards Lake Geneva with snow-covered mountains in the distance.
One of Simon’s favourite spots in Switzerland: the vineyards of Lavaux, overlooking Lake Geneva.

Simon, Gavin – as two Swiss locals who get to experience the magic of Switzerland every day, why in your own words should travellers choose Switzerland as their next place to travel?

Simon: “There are so many things that I love about Switzerland, but I believe the one I appreciate the most is the variety of things to experience here – from different cultures and languages to incredible landscapes and traditions – in such a small geographical area.

“Moreover, with Switzerland being small, getting around the country is both fast and efficient with beautiful mountains, glaciers, rivers and lakes wherever you go.

“If you fancy travelling by train, you should try out the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. A beautiful scenic rail journey of some 1,280 kiloSmeters. The panoramic views are stunning and there is no set direction or duration. You can hop on and off wherever you please. Whether in Zermatt or St. Moritz, in the Canton of Ticino or the Lavaux, at the Rhine Falls or Lake Lucerne.”

Gavin: “I’m a passionate traveller, and I wake up each day and see that Switzerland is a place truly like no other. Looking out at 4000m plus peaks, swimming in the pristine lakes, eating local cheese in small villages where it’s made by hand by locals or the history and culture of the cities like Geneva where I live – it’s truly unique.

“I love to share this with others, whether it is summer, winter, fall or spring – the country offers travellers an unparalleled holiday destination. And if that isn’t enough, Switzerland is leading the way for sustainable travel, coining a new deserving term ‘Swisstainable’. Switzerland has always cared for its nature, leaving it untouched so it can truly touch us, always ensuring a perfect balance between ecology.“

Image of a dairy cow, with horns and a large cowbell round its neck, standing in a green mountain pasture with snow-capped mountain peaks behind it.
Gavin appreciates the way Switzerland cares for its natural environment.

If you had to sum up Switzerland in one word – what would it be?

Simon: “Excellence”


As Gavin and Simon describe, Switzerland is a place of excellence and magnificence, with unparalleled natural beauty, rich cultural diversity, and a strong commitment to sustainability.

And with Trafalgar, you can unlock the best of the Swiss way of life on either our Best of Switzerland or Contrasts of Switzerland tours. When you travel with Trafalgar, you’ll visit must-see icons like The Matterhorn and Lake Lucerne. You’ll also unlock the doors to authentic, local experiences, like dining with a vineyard owner overlooking Lake Geneva.

And, to help your visit, we’re also giving you an exclusive $50 (or £50, €50, R1,000) credit toward your Switzerland tour on all bookings made before 6 April 2023. Book your place now and get ready to immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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