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It was a cloudy start to the day but by the time we reached Lyon the sun was out again and we all jumped off the coach to meet our Local Guide Maree-Claire. She took us on a walking tour of Basilica Notre Dame which sits above ancient Roman ruins on Fourvière hill. Maree-Claire told us that no matter where you go in Lyon it’s likely you’ll be able to spot the basilica, which explains why it’s the symbol of the city.

We were also treated to another Hidden Treasure. Marie our Travel Director showed us the way along the ancient streets of old town Lyon. Centuries ago, these small streets were hidden alley ways that veered off the main drag to connect the locals. We would’ve never found this on our own and we have Marie to thank for. She even knew the code for a secret door, but I’ll keep that one a mystery!

Matt Cameron-Smith
Managing Director, Trafalgar Australia

Trafalgar Tour Director Marie on tour

Trafalgar Tour Director Marie on tour

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