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The world’s prettiest hidden beaches to explore

Recently updated on August 13th, 2023 at 04:57 pm

When planning fall vacations, most peoples’ minds turn to the mountains. But as the temperature drops, daydreams of blue oceans and white sands only do so much to warm us up. If you’re in the mood for bright sun, rather than orange foliage, planning a beach trip is the only way to go. This list of the world’s best hidden beaches offers up all the sunny fun of a summer vacation (but without the summer crowds)!

Make the most of fewer crowds and lower prices in some of the top beach destinations and explore some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Redhead Beach, New South Wales, Australia

Australia has no shortage of beautiful secret beaches and any one of them could appear on this list.

Of all the beaches in New South Wales, however, Redhead Beach is a precious find. Just north of Sydney, this is one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Australia.

Rocky cliffs tower over the main stretch of sand and the steep inclines put off unsuspecting visitors. But if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll have no problem reaching the beach itself.

With excellent swimming and surfing conditions, this little stretch of sand is a well-guarded secret among those in the know.

Saud Beach, Luzon, Philippines

While the drive to Saud Beach from Manila may be long, it’s absolutely worthwhile.

The powdery white sand pitches gently into the impossibly clear water, like a natural zero-entry swimming pool. If you’ve had your fill of peaceful waves, soft sand and gloriously warm sun, Saud Beach is also home to a smorgasbord of natural beauty.

The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation offers a fantastic view of Bangui Bay. The name comes from the Ilocano word “puraw” meaning ‘white’, because of the creamy white surface of the rock formations.

If you’re in the mood for a hike, the 87-foot high Kabigan Falls isn’t too far away. The blissful end to the hike is, of course, a cool dip in the water. And on your way back, remember to visit the beach again to cool off before you hit the road.

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Diaz Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Photo by KYLE CUT MEDIA on Unsplash

Located in the Cape Point Nature Reserve (which is worth a visit itself!) lies a number of beautiful secret beaches.

Diaz Beach is a shining crescent of white sand surrounded on one side by turquoise water and on the other by rocky cliffs.

This secluded little haven is popular among local surfing enthusiasts, though it’s unlikely you’ll have to fight for a spot on the sand.

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Cala Corsara, Sardinia, Italy


There are many of the world’s most beautiful hidden beaches dotted around the Mediterranean. One of the most spectacular – and secluded – is this hidden cove on the island of Spargi, in the Sardinian Archipelago della Maddalena.

The beach is known for the incredible rock formations that are present on the coastline.

Accessible only by boat, the beach is rarely crowded and is the perfect spot for a refreshing dip in the water or a relaxing nap on the sand.

The seclusion of this little cove, as well as the crystal-clear waters, makes it one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Italy.

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Three Cliffs Bay, Wales, United Kingdom

Wales may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of a beach getaway. But don’t let the rough, windswept terrain put you off. 

This little cove is one of the best-kept secrets in the UK and is one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Compared to some other rockier beaches in the UK, the sand at Three Cliffs Bay is as soft as you could hope for and the water is clear and refreshingly cool. 

Surrounded by three prominent cliffs, the bay is overlooked by the atmospheric ruins of the fourteenth-century Pennard Castle. At low tide, you can clamber up from the bay to explore the ruins and look out over the exquisite surrounding scenery.

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Yonaha Maehama, Okinawa, Japan

Photo by Hiroko Yoshii on Unsplash

This hidden gem is located on the little-known island of Miyakojima in the prefecture of Okinawa, Japan.

The pristine 7-kilometer stretch of sand is rarely crowded, despite its white sandy beach and shockingly bright blue water.

Okinawa is filled with beaches that are perfect for snorkelling and diving. Though the most remote beaches – including Yonaha Maehama – are perhaps even more beautiful because of their isolation from the crowds. 

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Secret Beach, Oregon, United States

Perhaps the name of this beach gives it away, but you won’t find many crowds here – except, perhaps, for a few locals. 

Only accessible during low-tide, Secret Beach is different from the other beautiful hidden beaches on this list as it’s tucked away amongst towering ocean-chiseled cliffs. In fact, Secret Beach is so hidden that it often doesn’t appear on many maps, meaning that you’re almost guaranteed to have the place to yourself.  

The protective cliffs mean that the beach is sheltered from the fiercest wind and waves, resulting in a perfectly serene little slice of paradise in the Pacific Northwest.

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Puerto Morelos, Mexico

A list of the world’s best hidden beaches would be incomplete without a trip to Mexico. Like many of the destinations on this list, Mexico is home to some of the world’s best hidden beaches!

If the crowds that flock to Cancun become too rowdy for your liking, the quiet fishing village of Puerto Morelos, and it’s beautiful secret beaches, are a dream come true. 

The relaxed vibe of the village makes for a truly authentic beachside experience. Explore the sea and go snorkeling in the crystalline waters, or simply relax on the soft sands.

Shela Village, Lamu Archipelago, Kenya

Shela Village, Lamu Archipelago, Kenya
Photo by Harshil Gudka on Unsplash

Lying just off the northeastern coast of Kenya is the tranquil island of Lamu. The main town on the island of the same name, was founded in the 14th century, making it the country’s oldest living town. Additionally, Lamu Town is the best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa. 

If you’ve just spent the day wandering through Lamu’s winding streets and you’re looking for a place to relax, Shela Beach is one of the most beautiful secret beaches in Africa.

Only about a 30-minute walk north of the town, the white sandy beach and clear waters are beckoning. 

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Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Photo by Caico Gontijo on Unsplash

Once a well-known hippie village, Trancoso – and its gorgeous beaches – fell into obscurity before being rediscovered by Wilbert Das, the former creative director of Diesel. 

Now, the town has become a chic under-the-radar destination for celebrities. 

And it’s easy to see why they come. Rocky cliffs dominate the shoreline, leaving only a small sliver of sand before the aquamarine ocean. 

What little sand there is, though, is as powdery and white as any other beach on our list. If you get tired of relaxing on the sand though, the water is lovely. Further along the coastline, coconut palms fan out over the sand, providing the perfect amount of shade from the sun.

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