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13 traits of people born under the tiger Zodiac sign

Those born under the sign of the tiger already know the powerful, fierce and tough characteristics that come with this Chinese Zodiac sign. There are 12 animal signs in total, and the most recent Year of the Tiger was in 2022. Though the next one isn’t coming until 2034, you may be curious about your friends or family who are born under this special sign. These are the top 13 traits of people born in the Year of the Tiger, how they intersect, and what they mean.

If you were born in 2022, 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938 or 1926 then your Chinese Zodiac sign is the tiger. But note, the zodiac year starts and ends somewhere between mid January and mid February each year, so pay extra attention to make sure you know what your zodiac is!

The animals of the Chinese zodiac, illustrated in beautiful red floral colours.

1. Powerful

Tigers are a symbol of power, and being powerful is a strong personality trait of this Chinese Zodiac sign. In China, the Tiger is the king of all beasts. This raw power and strength carries through into all who are lucky enough to be born under its sign.

2. Good leaders

With so much power, Tiger signs tend to make good leaders. Other people look to the Tiger for leadership and strength in times of hardship. In China, children often wear wear hats or shoes with a tiger image on it for good luck. Think about those born under the Tiger in your life – do you turn to them when you need help or advice?

They are energetic and cautious, they have acute senses and sharp eyesight.

3. Determined

As mentioned, people born under the sign of the tiger make great leaders. This isn’t just because of their strength. Tiger signs are determined and persistent, especially in their career. They are bold, active, energetic and don’t fear authority. This determined devotion means they don’t give up easily and often have great career success. When facing hurdles or roadblocks, tigers will find ways to overcome them. It makes them great workers and exciting people to travel with too.

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4. Independent

Because Tiger signs are so headstrong and determined, they’re often very independent. You can’t tell them what to do, they are the ones calling the shots!

5. Confident & courageous

Confidence and determination go hand-in-hand and so those born under the sign of the tiger know what they want and are determined to get there. Once a tiger sets their mind on something, their strong-willed personality will be hard to change. This confidence can come across as both powerful or cocky. Tigers find it hard to accept failures and push themselves hard to succeed. Is there a problem with your meal or hotel room? A tiger isn’t afraid to speak up and ask for the manager.

A tiger lying in a field of grass, turning its head and looking to camera

6. Honest

Those born in the year of the tiger are not afraid to speak their mind. This frank nature can come across as overconfident to some, but for the most part being able to honestly speak about their feelings or say things without regret helps them gain the trust of others easily. 

7. Trustworthy & loyal

We all need people we can trust, and tigers are particularly trustworthy. As they like to speak the truth, their honesty draws people in and forms tight bonds. Honesty along with their leadership qualities make them great friends and they can be particularly helpful to solve others’ problems with compassion.

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8. Generous

Tigers don’t care much for money, but they usually find themselves in a good financial state thanks to confidence in their skills. Those born in the year of the tiger are always willing to share what they have with those in need. This generosity combined with their leadership skills makes them a great fit for jobs like a politician, police officer, entrepreneur, economist, manager and travel agent.

But not all of Tiger’s traits are positive… here are some things tigers may need to work on.

9. Stubborn

The need to succeed makes many tigers extremely stubborn. While they will listen to others, an overconfidence in what they are capable of may make them bad team members. Give them the chance to lead and they will smash it out of the park, make them work together and they may struggle. To work with a tiger sign bring plenty of patience, understanding and tact.

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10. Aggressive or reckless

Tigers don’t like to lose. If they get rejected, if a project fails or they don’t win an argument they may react aggressively. This is the negative side to the confident, determined nature that tigers display. They want quick success and get easily frustrated by slow progress. Tigers also like to have control of a situation, family affairs or important things in life – like planning big travel events and trips.

A tiger half-submerged in water

11. Too chatty or too quiet

Tigers seem to have an all or nothing personality profile. It means some are too talkative and don’t give others the chance to speak. In group or team situations it means they don’t hear what others say, or they become supremely quiet with a desire to achieve fast, independent success on their own.

12. Egocentric & selfish

Those born under the sign of the tiger have a need to protect their own ego, which can make friendships and romantic partnerships difficult. The desire to win and the determined nature means they will put themselves and their work or projects above personal relationships.

Were you born under the sign of the tiger? Tell us if the personality traits of this Chinese Zodiac sign line up with yours in the comments below…

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