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National Parks, in your words: these Trafalgar guests loved exploring the great outdoors

There’s nothing quite like taking a break from the pace of the 21st century and escaping to the great outdoors. Witnessing epic peaks towering above, the power of roaring waterfalls, and the majesty of native wildlife reminds us there’s more out there than the stress of our 9-to-5.

From the untamed landscapes of Yosemite, to the rugged expanses of Yellowstone, North America is renowned for its diverse landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty. This continent is home to an array of awe-inspiring destinations, perfect for nature enthusiasts. Scattered across the USA and Canada are stunning national parks, where pristine wilderness, majestic mountains, serene lakes, and diverse ecosystems await.

We wanted to hear firsthand accounts of those who have ventured into the heart of the best national parks in the USA. Their stories are a testament to the transformative power of nature and the enduring allure of these remarkable protected lands.

Discover the magic of the great outdoors as we explore the top US national parks, as narrated by those who’ve been touched by their grandeur.

Crazy times at Crazy Horse

On her seventh Trafalgar trip, our past guest Margaret P. recalls her special US national parks within her home country.

“Travel just starting up again in summer 2021, so I stayed in U.S. and got to get up close and personal with Crazy Horse in South Dakota,” said Margaret.

“After 25+ years of traveling with Trafalgar, I’ve learned every tour is special and memorable with exceptional guides and great travel companions.”

TAKE THE TRIP: National Park Wonders

Escape to the Canadian Rockies

“Everything about my Trafalgar trip to Canadian Rockies was spectacular!” said past guest Alka.

“This was my fourth or fifth trip with them. Service was perfect and the itinerary was excellent right from the Busch Gardens to the Jasper National Park.”

Alka recalls experiencing the best of the great outdoors while travelling to Banff, visiting the gorgeous Lake Louise, seeing a double rainbow at a waterfall, and walking on a glacier.

“I will never forget the relaxing Eucalyptus steam rooms! Every hotel was spacious and clean. I highly recommend this trip that I took in July of 2022,” Akla said.

TAKE THE TRIP: Canada’s Rockies

Our past guest Dave also recalled his amazing time in the Canadian Rockies in summer 2022.

“We saw many beautiful things,” he said. “This is Maligne Lake (Jasper National Park) with the spectaculor colored water. It helps that the time we visited was perfect weather.”

TAKE THE TRIP: Spectacular Canadian Rockies

“Nature at its best”

“Seeing US National parks was on our bucket list, and after being cooped up with COVID we needed to get out,” said Galo.

“This trip was beyond our expectations. The sheer beauty and quiet moments were unbelievable. 

“We were at Yellowstone for the first snowfall of year, and to see the buffalo walk right by us was awesome. 

“The trip, the people we met were worth every moment.”

TAKE THE TRIP: Five Epic National Parks

“Not the Wall Street you know best”

“Over 1.5 million people visit Bryce Canyon each year. We were one of the lucky ones to do so in June 2022,” said Mary. “It was one of our most memorable stops on the Western Frontiers tour.” 

“From the main lookout point, we climbed down a narrow trail to Wall Street, the National Park’s only slot canyon. This picture captured one of the most remarkable spots in this stunning National Park. 

“Unlike the Wall Street that we all know, this place is calm and tranquil. [It] fully awakens one’s senses and truly brings us in one with nature. 

“This is only one of numerous pictures we took on this trip which was led by two of Trafalgar’s finest – Donard our tour director who knew anything about everything we encountered on the trip, and Roland, our incredible driver who can negotiate the tightest twists and turns on every road we travelled. 

“We are definitely hooked after this trip and will be embarking on many more Trafalgar journeys.”

TAKE THE TRIP: Western Frontiers

Our favourite family vacation ever”

“Our trip with Trafalgar to out west was amazing! We saw so many great US National Parks and it was by far our favorite family vacation we ever took,” said past guest Dee. 

“Our guide was so knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. Loved how Trafalgar took care of all the details – would love to take another trip with them anytime!!”

TAKE THE TRIP: Wild West, Cowboys and Buffalos

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Best of the great outdoors

While we love taking our guests to see the sights of Rome, London or New York City, there is nothing like the magic of the great outdoors.

“Our 3200-mile tour of breathtaking US National Parks was spectacular, with a guide whose historical, geographic, cultural, geological and personal commentary made the tour an extraordinary and fun experience!” said past guests Ed and Kathy.

Past guest Lorraine echoed the sentiment: “We have taken many Trafalgar tours – all wonderful – but this one was particularly beautiful.

“Our wonderful guide Stephen was such a lovely human being and all the places visited were breathtaking. We have about seven more Trafalgar trips on our bucket list! Can’t wait to experience them all.” 

Ready to explore the great outdoors with your own US National Parks trip? Let us know where you’d like to go in the comments…

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