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What makes a Trafalgar tour so special? It starts with these 6 core values

Recently updated on May 9th, 2024 at 02:30 pm

Whether you’re a potential or past guest, perhaps you’ve been wondering what is it that makes a Trafalgar tour so special? How did we become the world’s most-loved tour company while running 303 trips across 72 countries and six continents? We think it comes down to our core values.

Our aim is to unlock the best of the world for you with must-see local secrets, one-of-a-kind experiences, and value-for-money touring as you tick off places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. We want our guests to feel like everything is taken care of from the moment they arrive, and we put responsible travel at the heart of what do.

But enough from us – we want you to hear why travel with Trafalgar is so special from our past guests themselves. Let’s share stories from your fellow travelers.

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Relax, everything is taken care of 

From the moment you arrive to the moment you depart, Trafalgar makes sure everything is taken care of. Beyond your dedicated Travel Director, our guests have an on-road team helping everyone move from A to B while having a blast. You can expect 24/7 travel expertise and guidance at every step. Let’s hear what our past guests think…

“The big advantage is not to stress or worry about the particulars… Trafalgar will take care of all of that for you,” said Jasha, one of the winners of our Trafalgar Unlocked Awards. “Listen to is what your Travel Director tells you each day. They’ll tell you what you need to know for the next 24 hours or two days. 

“The beauty of traveling this way is all the stress is taken off you. The hotels are taken care of, the luggage is taken care of – the only thing you need to worry about is listening. It does really remove the stress. Ultimately, just book it, just do it.”

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“At our very first comfort stop we lost my daughter Madeline’s cell phone,” says Mary-Kathryn, who joined a Trafalgar tour with her family. “The [Travel Director] Martin quickly jumped into action. He ran back inside and asked everybody – and he found it! 

“He saved my life because I was the one who lost it! I would never have been forgiven by my daughter. Imagine a teenager without their phone on a tour.

“That is the value of Trafalgar – the guides they go above and beyond. I will be forever grateful to Martin who was kind, informative and so organized.”

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Kim with her guide Brian on tour in Ireland

“Our guide Bernard was phenomenal!” said Kim who joined us on the Irish Experience trip. “He managed to make everyone on the tour feel valued. His sense of humour added to his knowledge of Ireland.”

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Real connections

“Any time I can visit a church or cathedral in Europe it is special,” said past guest Anne. “My trip to Assisi was one of my favorites. The local guide was amazing. He introduced our group to the man who takes care of the cathedral. His love for the church, the upkeep and his memories brought tears to my eyes.”

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Susan posing in front of Blarney Castle

“This photo was taken in front of Blarney Castle – the day that my daughter and I officially became friends with our fellow traveler, Kate from Australia!,” said Susan who joined us on our Irish Highlights trip. “While the entire trip was wonderful, having this lasting friendship is priceless. The value of travel is not only the destinations, but meeting the people along the way!”

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David's photo of a local food market in Portugal

“Our guide took us into a local farmers market, not a place that most tourists get into,” said David who choose to travel with Trafalgar on the Best of Portugal trip. “He knew several of the vendors and was able to give us a real taste of the local culture.”

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One-of-a-kind experiences

When you travel with Trafalgar you unlock local access to our global communities and connections. One favorite memory that many guests recall is our signature Be My Guest experiences. While touring we’re welcomed into the homes of locals where we’ll share a traditional meal, hear their stories, and learn about the local culture.

“I took a work friend who had never been to Europe to see the Christmas Markets,” said past guest Margaret who chose to travel with Trafalgar on our special Christmas Markets of Austria, Germany and Switzerland tour. “[It’s] a unique time of the year for celebrations, snow and music! Visiting a Viennese Strauss music concert was a special cultural experience.”

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Value for money touring

Diane and a friend on tour in Greece

“We always recommend touring with Trafalgar, the best value for money in the world!” said Diane who joined us on the Best of Greece tour.

“We have been on a few tours with Trafalgar now, but we absolutely loved our tour through Greece! The [Travel Director] Moraigh was very professional and the bus driver Stephanos was amazing and kept us safe.” 

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One of the winners of our Trafalgar Unlocked Awards, Madeline said she couldn’t sum up a Trafalgar tour in three words… and needed three sentences. Here’s what she thinks…

“It’s very well organised. They give you the right amount of time that you need in each place, and they give you that flexibility. If you want to relax you can, but if you want to go hard and see absolutely everything and cram it all in you can,” she said.

“It’s very well balanced,” her partner Jasha added.

“And fun,” Madeline said. “And you meet great people!”

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“Our favorite moment on the tour was visiting Venice – experiencing a gondola ride with other fellow travelers on the Grand Canal and seeing the Renaissance and Gothic palaces, Central Square, Piazza San Marco and St Mark’s Basilica,” said past guest Lynne who choose to travel with Trafalgar on our Traditional Europe tour.

Lynne during a gondola ride in Venice

“We would highly recommend Trafalgar Tours as they are excellent value for money. The guides and bus driver were highly informative, meals were excellent and at all times we felt safe during the tour.”

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Responsible travel at heart

When you choose Trafalgar, you choose to make your travels a force for good. We take responsibility and want to have a positive impact on our planet, the communities we visit, and the wildlife we encounter. Most of our tours now include MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experiences, and our business follows a five-year sustainability strategy called How We Tread Right.

Valerie in her beekeeper suit on tour in Greece

“Trafalgar surprised us during our Best of Greece tour,” past guest Valerie said. “They wanted to MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® and did by giving us a sweet taste of the work done in environmental education by the Grecian apiculturists at Moka Honey.”

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There are always surprises

We love to make our guests feel extra special, and so we empower our Travel Directors to go off-book and bring a touch of magic to every Trafalgar tour. Let’s hear what that’s like in action…

“Our guide, Craig, had found out my birthday was on the last day of the trip,” past guest Nancy said. “We had already celebrated another person’s birthday at the start of our trip with a very public display of cake and singing at a local restaurant. 

“Craig was thoughtful enough to ask me first if I wanted to celebrate my birthday with the group in a similar way. I told him no … and he understood and respected my wishes, however, he quietly and discreetly made sure I had a present from him on my special day – a Swarovski crystal-decorated pen.” 

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Sheila and Serge hold up their gift of a local souvenir in Croatia

“While we have travelled many times with Trafalgar over the years, this trip to the Balkans was most memorable as we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2017,” said past guests Sheila and Serge.

“Our wonderful tour director went above and beyond to make this trip so special for us. Upon arrival in Zagreb, at our welcome reception, Jasmina surprised us with a personalized local souvenir typical to Croatia.”

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So, that’s what makes a Trafalgar tour so special according to our guests. Leave a comment below with your experiences….

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