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We asked, you answered: THIS is the trip our guests would do over, and over again

Recently updated on August 13th, 2023 at 09:31 pm

How long is your bucket list? If it’s as big as ours, you probably prefer to do a different trip and explore a new destination each time you travel. And with more than 300 trips across 7 continents, you could travel for a lifetime and never have to do the same trip twice with Trafalgar. But there are some trips that absolutely steal your heart and make you want to experience them over and over again.

We asked our past guests on Trafalgar’s Facebook page to share which Trafalgar trip was so good they’d happily do it all over again? Here’s what Trafalgar guests had to say… 

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The Best of Italy

As the all-time most popular Trafalgar trip, it comes as no surprise that our 13-day Best of Italy trip came out on top as the trip you’d love to take again. Let’s be honest – it’s Italy. No one ever gets sick of it. 

Famed as the country of “La Dolce Vita” (the sweet life), you really do live the primo life here. And our Best of Italy trip showcases the greatest parts of it from the dreamy canals of Venice and the ancient wonders of Rome to the golden beaches of Sorrento, the beautiful lakes of the Alps, and the artistic treasures of Florence. 

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Exclusive experiences

You’ll enjoy exclusive experiences, like VIP access to the Vatican Museums where you’ll marvel at the genius of Michelangelo and da Vinci and walk up the famous spiral staircase by Donato Bramante – a part of the Vatican that isn’t open to the public. 

Spend the night at one of Trafalgar’s best Stays with Stories – Hotel Cenacolo. Originally built for pilgrims visiting Assisi, it’s a fully renovated old Franciscan monastery in nearby Santa Maria degli Angeli… And you’ll get to soak up all the incredible history.

You’ll even take a private boat to a secluded island on Lake Maggiore where you’ll have dinner with the Cinque family and hear the fascinating story of how the great Italian conductor, Arturo Toscanini, hid away in the remote Villa Toscanini. 

Want more? We give you the chance to tailor your Trafalgar trip how you like, with Optional Experiences like a mouthwatering Tuscan Dinner at Villa Machiavelli in the Chianti Hills or a cruise to the stunning Borromean Islands of Lake Maggiore.

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Extraordinary food and wine

And don’t forget the food. You’ll be sure to indulge in the iconic Italian cuisine all the way, from authentic pasta in little trattorias to homegrown wines in the rolling hills of Tuscany. It’s the Trafalgar trip where you’ll eat the best pizza you’ve ever had, and sample a new gelato flavour every day as you stroll down the cobbled streets. 

Our Best of Italy trip is all about good food and good company, while you explore the most incredible history, culture, art and natural beauty. It’s no wonder people keep going back time and time again. 

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Which Trafalgar trip came in second place?

Our guests can’t get enough of Italy – many of you said you’d love to do our other Italian trips again like our 15-day Best of Italy and Sicily, 11-day Italy Bellissimo, and 17-day Grand Italian Experience.

But Italy isn’t the only place our guests would love to visit again. Here are some of our other most popular Trafalgar tours.

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You also loved our spectacular multi-destination Europe trips, like the 12-day European Whirl, the three-week Grand European, the one-month Great European, and the ultimate European Supreme. We also got a lot of votes for our festive 8-day ​​Christmas Markets of Austria, Germany and Switzerland Trafalgar trip. 

Whether you want to do the 17-day Highlights of Eastern Europe or the 3-week Traditional Europe trip again, be warned – our Europe trips are highly addictive. 

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The United Kingdom and Ireland

From England and Scotland to Ireland and Wales, our UK and Ireland trips have always been crowd favourites. From our 11-day Irish Experience to our 3-week Britain and Ireland Grandeur, you’re simply guaranteed to have a good time on our UK and Ireland Trafalgar tours.

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We saw a lot of love for our Scandinavia trips, in particular, our 14-day Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords. From the breathtaking fjords to the magical cities, the real question is: Why wouldn’t you take this Trafalgar trip again?

The United States

From the beautiful national parks to the iconic cities like New York, the United States is always a winning destination. And with so many states to explore, it’s no wonder our guests take our US trips over and over again. From our 10-day Tastes and Sounds of the South to our 9-day National Parks Wonders, you can’t go wrong with any of our United States trips

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What do you think is the best Trafalgar tour? What Trafalgar trip would you love to take over and over again? Let us know in the comments below!

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