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7 ways you support communities in Africa with Trafalgar

Recently updated on December 4th, 2023 at 03:11 pm

When you travel to Africa with Trafalgar, you’ll always get the chance to make a difference to the people and communities we visit with our Make Travel Matter experiences. From sharing a meal with locals in Kenya and Morocco to meeting members of indigenous communities in South Africa and Namibia, here are 7 enriching ways you’ll support sustainable and responsible travel to Africa with Trafalgar. 

1. Get an insight into the local Xhosa culture in South Africa


We’ll take you to the stunning coastal town of Knysna, where you’ll meet your host Ella for an insight into the local Xhosa culture. You’ll learn a few Xhosa phrases and discover the meaning behind the traditional dress and customs, before tucking into a delicious ‘Be My Guest’ meal. 

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As you feast, Ella will share her life story and reveal the meaning behind some of the local Xhosa songs you’ll hear as you enjoy your traditional meal. It’s a beautiful way to get to know the local indigenous culture and your visit will help Ella to continue to preserve her ancient culture. 

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2. Share a meal with local farmers on a coffee plantation in Kenya


Kenya is famed for its irresistible coffee and we’ll take you to meet the farmers at a real coffee plantation. We’ll venture into the misty highlands of central Kenya where you’ll join Elizabeth, a local farmer, for a tour around the aromatic coffee plantation and gorgeous gardens. You’ll be treated to some freshly baked scones and homegrown coffee, before sitting down to a local lunch.

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You’ll get to chat with Elizabeth about life as a coffee farmer in the Kenyan highlands, and your visit will help support the local coffee farming community. If you’re a big coffee fan, you can even purchase some coffee beans as a delicious souvenir of your trip.

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3. Meet the Seifart family and enjoy lunch on their Namibian farm

Seifart family on their farm in Namibia travel to Africa

As we journey into the Kalahari Desert, we’ll make a stop at a traditional agricultural farm in Namibia. It’s been run by the Seifart family for over eight decades and you’ll meet third-generation members of the family. After arriving, you’ll head out on a farm tour to meet the resident cows, sheep and goats, and marvel at the stunning expanse of wilderness.

You’ll also hear stories about Namibian farm life over a delicious ‘Be My Guest’ lunch of homemade specialities, including homegrown jams, bread, vegetables, meat and eggs. It’s an incredible way to meet the real locals of Namibia and your visit will help support the Seifart family continue their farming traditions and ecotourism in Africa.

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4. Enjoy delicious Moroccan cuisine in a traditional riad in Fes


If you’ve ever dreamed of discovering the culture of Morocco, a trip to Africa with Trafalgar is the perfect adventure. We’ll take you to the buzzing city of Fes, where you’ll meet all kinds of incredible locals and communities. Kickstart your exploration with a Local Specialist in the Medina, one of the world’s largest medieval centres.

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You’ll also visit the famous round dye-pits and tanneries to learn about the ancient leathercraft of Morocco, and stop by a carpet cooperative to admire the traditional Moroccan craft. In the evening, enjoy a special ‘Be My Guest’ dinner of mouthwatering Moroccan food. You’ll wash it all down with wine in a stunning riad, a traditional Moroccan house built around a central courtyard.

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5. Join Stefan for a traditional braai in the coastal town of Hermanus

traditional South African braai barbecue travel to Africa

We’ll take you driving along the scenic Franschhoek Pass to the coastal town of Hermanus, famed as the whale watching capital. Here you’ll meet local business owner Stefan for a traditional braai (barbecue) against the stunning backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. Tuck into classic South African specialities like boerewors, pap and melktert, and wash it all down with Stefan’s homemade wine, as he shares stories about his life in Hermanus. Your visit will support Stefan’s local business and celebrate the braai and wine traditions of South Africa. 

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6. Meet members of the Himba tribe in Namibia’s Kaokoland


When you travel to Africa with Trafalgar, you’ll get an insight into the diverse cultures on this incredible continent. In Namibia’s Kaokoland, we’ll meet members of the Himba community, thought to be the last semi-nomadic people in the country. You’ll learn about their hunter-gatherer traditions spanning thousands of years. You’ll also get an insight into their daily life and ancient customs and how they create traditional clothes and handicrafts. Your visit will Make Travel Matter as Trafalgar donates funds to a community trust for food, medicine and necessities.

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7. Support the children of the Shangilia Children’s Home in Kenya


As part of your trip to Africa with Trafalgar, we’ll visit the Shangilia Children’s Home in Kenya’s Vihiga County. The centre supports children who have been abandoned, orphaned or abused. They aim to give children a loving and stable home where they feel like they belong. Your visit will help the centre continue to provide for basic needs like housing, clothing, food, education, and emotional support. You’ll also get an insight into how the centre is changing the lives of the children when you meet the older children as they practice their dance, music and acrobatics. 

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Are you dreaming of taking part in responsible and sustainable tourism when you travel to Africa with Trafalgar? Let us know where you’d like to go first in the comments below…

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