Travel Better in 2017 with these New Year's Resolutions

Many of us start the New Year with great intentions for the coming months, and what could feel more rewarding when December comes around than having seen more of the world we live in. To travel more, and better, in 2017, take note of these five New Year’s resolutions.

Discover New Horizons 

New Year's Resolutions

When you have a favourite destination, it can be tempting to return year after year. So in 2017, why not take a different type of trip to somewhere you’ve never been? Instead of seeing the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea, watch the sun dip below the horizon on-board a Junk in the waters of Halong Bay in Vietnam, or see the sunrise within the majestic surroundings of India’s Taj Mahal.

Join Trafalgar on the Highlights of Vietnam trip or Leisurely Rajasthan with Mumbai.

More Family Time 

New Year's Resolutions

Take the opportunity in the coming year to spend more time with those who matter, without the distractions that are present back home. By experiencing something new in each other’s company, you’ll be making memories, too, whether that’s learning to sword fight like a Roman Gladiator, or exploring Harry Potter’s London.

Travel as a family on the Gladiators, Gondolas and Gold or Castles and Kilts with Trafalgar.

Learn Something New 

New Year's Resolutions

Travel is without doubt one of the most enriching ways to spend your time, but the experience can be even more enlightening on specialist journeys. Gain insight into the important historic events, discover the customs of another culture, or improve your knowledge of gastronomy and wine.

Gain insight into the destinations you visit on the WWI and WWII Battlefields trip, or San Francisco and Wine Country Delights.

Explore New Places 

New Year's Resolutions

What could be better in the New Year than to explore land you’ve never before set foot on, and see panoramas that you’re yet to see? While you may recognise the dramatic scenery of the Austrian Alps in classic musical The Sound of Music, nothing compares to being amidst these surroundings in person.

Travel to Austria on the Sound of Music trip, or be swept away by the scenery on the Iconic Ireland and Ashford Castle trip.

Travel More 

New Year's Resolutions

Perhaps the greatest New Year’s resolution to have in 2017 is simply to travel more. And this can easily become a reality by combining a few destinations in one single journey. Take the chance to travel between the captivating sights of five cities in Northern Europe and Russia, or hop between Spain, Morocco and Portugal while experiencing life in each country along the way.

Visit the Capitals of the North with Trafalgar, or join the Spain, Morocco and Portugal trip.

Image credits: Cover photo of the Austrian Alps © iStock / Dieter Meyrl. The Taj Mahal © iStock / pius99. Rome © iStock / Imgorthand. Grape Vines © iStock / bennymarty. In the Austrian Alps © iStock / wingmar. Moscow © iStock / Skadr.

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