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Travel Director Maria shares the safari experience that changed her life forever 

For many people, travel is more than just a holiday – it can be a life-changing experience. Travel can give you a whole new perspective on life or it can shape your future in a profound way. This was the case for Trafalgar Travel Director, Maria, who went on a trip to Kenya that opened up a new world for her. We sat down with Maria to talk about her incredible safari experience and how it changed her life forever.

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people driving in vehicles watching lions on safari

Travel Director Maria’s story

Years ago (in the 1980s), I went to Kenya for a wedding on my Indian sister-in-law’s side. While I was there, I was introduced to safaris. It was the kind of holiday I never thought about, as I assumed that camping in the bush was not for me. But after my first safari to the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya, I was hooked!

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After that I went on safaris all over the country, staying in all different styles of accommodations, from a simple tent with no facilities, to luxury tented camps and lodges. Then I also went to Tanzania, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and many other places. The fascination of a safari for me was getting up close to lions, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, zebras, elephants, ostriches, gazelles, and more. 

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wildebeest running during the Great Migration Serengeti

That led me then to wish to explore more of nature. I went to Uganda to see the gorillas of the Bwindi Forest and it was the most unforgettable and emotional experience. There was no stopping me after that. A few years later, I was off to the Amazon and the Galápagos Islands. I also went bird watching and on tiger safaris in India. 

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Trekking also became a part of my activities, but I was not content with just exploring nature on land, so I learnt to dive. After that, I could go to various places around the world, exploring the seas.

So, what was initially a casual trip to Kenya, became an experience that opened up a whole new world for me.

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wildlife at sunset over Kenya

How you can have your own life-changing safari experience with Trafalgar

Feeling inspired by Travel Director Maria’s story? You can have your own life-changing wildlife travel experience with Trafalgar tours. We can take you to the great plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania or the Masai Mara in Kenya where you can go on safari to spot the Big Five. You can explore South Africa’s iconic wildlife in national parks like Kruger. Witness the enormous herds of elephants in Botswana or see unique desert animals in Namibia.

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Journey to the Amazon from Brazil to Peru to experience its magnificent rainforest or cruise around the Galapagos Islands to spot extraordinary wildlife. Snorkel with colourful marine life in Zanzibar, or head to India to spot tigers in the jungle. There are so many incredible travel experiences just waiting to be had… And you never know how it’s going to change your life. 

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Have you had a life-changing travel experience? We’d love to hear about it. Share your story in the comments below!

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