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Which of these 7 holiday season personalities are you?

Recently updated on January 3rd, 2024 at 12:32 pm

It’s during the festive season, amidst the clinking of glasses, laughter, and home-cooked food, that we embrace what divides us to celebrate the most magical time of the year. Around the table our relatives and loved ones, with their distinct holiday season personalities, can put aside their differences and gather together for a joyous feast

We thought it would be fun to explore seven fun holiday personalities that you might find within your family or circle of close friends. Whether you find resonance with the cousin who’s already planning intricate decorations or the aunt dreaming of a peaceful retreat, these holiday personas encapsulate the essence of this season.

From those who take Christmas very seriously, to others that wish they were on a tropical island escape, let’s unwrap the seven distinct personalities that add flavor to the festive spread and where they should travel next.  

The unofficial Christmas coordinator

Meet the unofficial Christmas coordinator – the maestro of merriment – who begins their festive holiday preparations months in advance. With a home transformed into a Santa’s workshop and a penchant for festive sweaters, this festive personality thrives on the joy and excitement of the season. 

This holiday aficionado doesn’t just stop at home decor—they wield the planning power to pull the family into line and have the potential to organize a Christmas trip abroad. Imagine experiencing Christmas in another culture and country together, creating cherished memories thanks to their ability to organize! This planner extraordinaire ensures the season is not just celebrated on the day, but experienced to the very fullest. Don’t tempt them – next year they’re dreaming of England and Scotland, where they’ll celebrate yuletide joy amidst charming traditions and iconic settings.

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The first to arrive at a family gathering

If you’re hosting Christmas lunch you know this holiday personality will be there at 12 on the dot. They couldn’t be fashionably late if they tried! They’re a stickler for punctuality but always bring the fun – from a game of Cluedo to charming ideas for a family holiday. 

A considerate planner, they’d love a trip to Japan, where timeliness, organization and creativity are cultural hallmarks. Eager to embrace a culture that aligns seamlessly with their appreciation for precision and thoughtful design, in the new year they hope to be sipping bowls of ramen and learning the art of a tea ceremony in Japan.

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The “just relax, it’s Christmas” personality

For this personality, the holidays are all about taking a break and unwinding. Opting for serene getaways, spa retreats, or snug cabin vacations, this personality seeks tranquility amid the festive chaos.

Imagine indulging this spirit in the breathtaking beauty of Canada‘s Rocky Mountains, where snow-covered landscapes and cozy retreats create the perfect backdrop for a peaceful holiday escape. Let the calming allure of nature harmonize with the essence of the season, allowing this personality to find serenity in the heart of winter wonder.

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The adventure junkie with all the toys

From skiing down snow-covered slopes to conquering extreme sports, this thrill-seeker seizes every opportunity for an adrenaline rush. For Christmas, they love gadgets and toys that fill them with child-like wonder. But what they really want is the chance to explore.

For them, the holidays are a canvas for daring exploits. They want to be zip-lining through the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, or quad biking across desert dunes in Morocco. These destinations cater to the adrenaline-fueled heart, and they don’t mind where they go – so long as big thrills await.

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The cooking-baking tradition keeper

From baking cookies with family to attending the local tree lighting ceremony, this holiday personality finds joy in the familiarity of tradition. But while their heart is rooted in the classics and long-standing family traditions, they’re also welcome to new customs that embody the true spirit of Christmas. 

Imagine this festive soul wandering through Europe’s Christmas markets, savoring the enchanting sight of medieval town squares filled with little festive chalets. Here the air is alive with the scent of mulled wine, roasting chestnuts, and freshly baked gingerbread, and strolling carolers serenade the crowds. The twinkle of market lights will create a magical backdrop for new memories while savoring the old.

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The one dreaming of a tropical escape

Not everyone associates the holidays with snow and cold weather. The tropical escapist in your family seeks warmth and sunshine during the festive season. For them, the holidays mean sun-kissed beaches and flip-flops instead of snow boots and hot toddies.

What they really want is a trip Down Under, taking them to Australia or New Zealand for Christmas with their toes in the sand and white wine in one hand. They’d rather create memories under palm trees and azure skies instead of around a fireplace. And whether the rest of the family joins them? Well, they don’t care so long as it’s summer.

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The last-minute shopper and late arrival

Some thrive on the adrenaline of last-minute holiday shopping – or are just plain disorganized! Either way, you’ll find this holiday personality rushing through stores on Christmas Eve, seeking the perfect gifts and deals for family and friends. Time is intangible and so they treat it as a guideline, always arriving late to the party.

For them, the journey is as unpredictable as their shopping escapades, making the holiday season a thrilling, last-minute dash. They travel in the same way, looking for last-minute deals to unexpected destinations and are open to where that might take them.

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So, what’s your holiday season personality and where do you want to travel to? Which of these personalities are sitting around your festive table? Leave a comment….

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