Why you shouldn't put off a solo travel adventure

Solo travel is a great adventure every person should experience at least once in their life. Forging an independent path across the globe has many incredible advantages and benefits, but understandably some passionate travellers are hesitant to venture out on the road alone. 

But solo travel isn’t boring or weird – every year millions of people travel alone and use the time to connect with cultures, new people and learn more about themselves. 

While you could organise it all yourself and be responsible for every decision made, many solo travellers choose to find safety, comfort and guidance by joining an organised group trip.

Here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t put off a solo travel adventure and how to find the confidence to travel alone.

Solo travel isn’t always more expensive

Sometimes travelling as a party of one can be more expensive. A hotel room usually sleeps two people or more, so the cost can be divided between you and your travel buddies. Whereas when you’re travelling solo you’re footing the cost yourself. But travelling solo doesn’t always mean paying more. 

On group tours – like those you take with Trafalgar – you can opt to share a room with another keen traveller. Or, if your room is your sanctuary and you want the space to yourself, there are ways you can still pay the same amount. If you’ve been eyeing up a few Trafalgar trips, take a look at our Solo Travel page and you’ll spy plenty of deals where we offer up to 100%* off the standard single supplement fee.

Yes, that means you’ll get your own room the whole time. Experience the best of Costa Rica, the sights of London, the food scene in Rome… all without the extra costs of travelling solo and having your own room. Bliss!

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Solo travel is safe

Across the animal kingdom there is a consistent theme of safety in numbers, so of course it might feel uncomfortable to land somewhere new and unfamiliar while travelling alone. But solo travel is an adventure and if you pop your street smart cap on you can navigate any destination safely.

There are a few things you can do to stay safe when you travel alone (or as a couple or group!). Share your travel plans with family or friends, register with your border security or embassy, plan ahead and carry some basic medicines, keep your valuables out of sight and never tell strangers you’re travelling alone. If you get lost or need help, go into a shop or restaurant and ask the staff, or approach a woman or mother on the street. 

Of course, joining a group trip is the best way to find safety and comfort while travelling solo. At Trafalgar we have a huge number of singles join us on the road. Rather than wait for the perfect travel buddy, they take matters into their own hands and get out there and explore the world with us guiding the way.

“I did Europe and the UK with Trafalgar solo in 2010 and never felt alone or in danger. The guides are amazing and would recommend it for anyone on their own. You make new friends from all over as well, some I still keep in touch with. Thank you Trafalgar for making my first overseas trip such an amazing experience,” our guest Lyn S shared on Facebook recently.

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Solo travel gives you clarity on your sense of self

Some of life’s greatest lessons are taught through travel, and your solo travel adventure means there will be less distractions between you and the open road. If you live alone you’ll be used to making all your own decisions, but there is something special about being in a situation and needing to make choices that will deepen your knowledge of yourself.

Solo travel is a chance to be a little selfish and think about what you need, what you want and ask yourself questions big and small. The time and space alone might spark your creativity or teach you that you can do it and are resilient.

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Solo travel doesn’t mean dining alone

The fear of feeling lonely is something our solo travel guests bring up again and again, but your international adventure will be anything but. 

Before you set out it might seem super scary to travel alone, but you travel to connect with other people, unique cultures and new cuisines. Once you step foot in your destination you will connect with the people and the place, soaking up knowledge and experiences that will fill your heart like nothing else.

And, of course, if you join a Trafalgar tour your first friend will be your Travel Director… and it won’t be long until you’re meeting everyone on the coach and find you have a whole crew of travel-loving friends to hang out with. Joining a group tour is one of the best ways to make sure you never dine alone, unless you want to of course! There is something romantic, mysterious and a little badass about being the solo diner at the counter with a book….  

“My first ever overseas trip was with Trafalgar in 2013 to the UK. My retirement treat for me, solo, 65 and feeling a little unsure. I need not have worried. Trafalgar Travel Director, coach driver and all 40-something passengers looked after me for the entire 30-something days!!” says our past guest Glenice M.

Solo travel isn’t just for single people

Maybe your partner doesn’t share the same love for travel that rushes deep through your veins. And that’s okay. Of course you’d love to share those magical on-the-road moments with your better half, but don’t let them keep you at home or stop you from exploring your great passions. Travelling solo will push you outside your comfort zone and, undoubtedly, you’ll learn something new about yourself.

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Solo travel is an adventure in independence  

You are strong, powerful and have everything within you to navigate any barriers the world throws up. Solo travel is one way to prove your independence to yourself. Travelling alone you need to find the courage to speak up, learn about the local culture and make deep connections while on the move. 

Some of our past guests, like Janet O, have found joining a guided tour and paying for the single supplement gives them the perfect balance of “me time” and independence while still enjoying the buzz of being part of a group adventure and making new friends.

“I always paid the single supplement as it gave me some space after traveling with people every day… which I loved as traveling alone encouraged me to meet new people.”

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Are you feeling ready for solo travel and a new adventure? Let us know what’s holding you back in the comments below….

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