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"Many people come to South Dakota for the icons like Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial, but they stay for the soul-stirring moments, like the magical mesas of the Badlands and the traditional Native American culture."

Travel Director
South Dakota at a glance
South Dakota has it all, from the enchanting buttes and canyons of the Badlands, to the legendary monuments like Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial. Your expert Trafalgar Travel Director will take you from the icons to the soul of the state, as you witness a traditional Pow Wow, meet a local Lakota tribesman, and wander the ancient granite spires of the Black Hills.
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What to pack for South Dakota

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Comfortable shoes

Whether you’re roaming the Badlands National Park or wandering through the Black Hills, you’ll need a reliable pair of walking shoes for your South Dakota trip.

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Camera & extra SD card

South Dakota serves up the most extraordinary sights, from the magical spires of the Badlands to iconic Mount Rushmore, so be sure to bring backup memory cards.

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Warm jacket

The weather can change quickly in South Dakota, even in summer, so bring some warm layers and to stay cosy and comfortable throughout your trip.

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Water bottle

You can’t miss stopping at the famous Wall Drug in the Badlands, famed for offering free ice water to travellers since the 1930s. Bring your bottle and fill up at this iconic roadside stop!

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Day bag

From sunscreen and snacks to water bottles and jackets, a day bag is perfect for carrying all the essentials while keeping your hands free on your South Dakota adventures.

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