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Sustainability and conservation: We ensure that we’re protecting our invaluable landscapes and natural resources.

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Cultural preservation: We ensure that the true economic benefit of travel is felt by local communities.

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Protection of our world’s wildlife: We advocate for the highest standard of ethical wildlife experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is sustainable travel?

It is a culturally sensitive approach to travel, defined by a deep respect for the environment and the communities you encounter. You foster relationships that contribute positively to the socioeconomic fabric and environmental preservation of the places you visit. Your travel experiences are educational, teaching you about environmental sustainability, diverse local cultures, and empower both you and local communities to thrive together.

How can I travel sustainably with Trafalgar?

According to the UNWTO, 'sustainable tourism should make optimal use of environmental resources that constitute a key element in tourism development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity.'

With Trafalgar, you can be sure you'll be contributing to local sustainability through our collaborations with tourism boards like Switzerland Tourism and Tourism Scotland, and our initiatives that safeguard natural heritage, preserve biodiversity, and protect sites of architectural significance.

What are the benefits of sustainable travel?

From educating you, the traveller, to supporting local and remote communities, funding environmental conservation, and providing income for millions globally, sustainable travel not only protects the people and finite resources of our planet, but also safeguards travel for future generations to come.

How can I be a more sustainable traveller?

An easy win is to be more conscious of your waste: always use a refillable drinking bottle, bring your own shopping bags, and compost your food scraps. You could also choose to spend your money on travel operators and establishments with good sustainability track records or use more sustainable transport options like coach or train. Plus, you can have a look at the TreadRight Foundation checklist as a simple way to become a more responsible traveller.​

How can I ensure the companies I choose are sustainable?

When planning a holiday always look for travel operators who are actively addressing sustainability i.e. with climate action plans and sustainability strategies, and ensure investing in finding better, more sustainable solutions. Additionally, look out for companies that publicly and transparently report on the progress they’re making against their sustainability goals. For more information about Trafalgar, you can read our annual Impact Report.

What is meant by climate action?

Climate Action refers to any steps taken to address climate change and its impacts, and is one of our focus UN SDGs: Goal 13.

How can sustainable travel affect global warming?

Stopping global warming takes a global effort and begins with urgent and rapid decarbonisation. That's why it's more important than ever to choose travel providers who are working to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations and trips. Read our climate action plan for more information on how we actively address our emissions.

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