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15 Day Trip

9 Cities in

6 Countries

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Best of Finland, Russia and The Baltic States

Take in Russia's must-see cities, plus Eastern Europe's hidden gems on this trip.

4.5 381 reviews

Prices from R55,038 pp


  1. Belarus


  2. Estonia


  3. Finland


  4. Latvia


  5. Lithuania

    Siauliai Vilnius

  6. Russia

    Moscow Smolensk St Petersburg

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16 Day Trip

12 Cities in

3 Countries

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Spain, Morocco and Portugal

Discover ornate palaces, spice markets and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun on this Regional Explorer trip.

4.4 1310 reviews

Prices from R44,300 pp


  1. Morocco

    Casablanca Fez Marrakech Tangier

  2. Portugal


  3. Spain

    Granada Madrid Marbella Salamanca Seville Tarifa Toledo

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14 Day Trip

9 Cities in

6 Countries

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Bohemian Highlights

Explore historic city centres like Berlin, Warsaw and Vienna.

4.7 728 reviews

Prices from R47,880 pp


  1. Austria


  2. Czech Republic


  3. Germany

    Berlin Frankfurt Offenbach

  4. Hungary


  5. Poland

    Krakow Warsaw

  6. Slovakia

    Banská Bystrica

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Save up to R6,490
13 Day Trip

11 Cities in

4 Countries

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Mediterranean Highlights

Sun-kissed days and sizzling nights are the main attractions on this Mediterranean trip bringing you coastal Spain

4.5 170 reviews

Prices from R55,530 pp


  1. France

    Avignon Nice Vers Pont du Gard

  2. Italy

    Florence La Spezia Pisa Rome Vinci

  3. Monaco

    Monte Carlo

  4. Spain

    Barcelona Madrid

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Save up to R15,800
29 Day Trip

27 Cities in

12 Countries

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European Supreme End Paris

This all-embracing Discoveries trip of Europe, visits Vienna, Athens, Assisi, Rome, Paris and more.

4.2 18 reviews

Prices from R105,875 pp


  1. Albania


  2. Austria

    Innsbruck Vienna

  3. Croatia

    Dubrovnik Plitvice

  4. France

    Calais Paris

  5. Germany

    Boppard Mannheim

  6. Greece

    Athens Delphi Kalambaka Patras

  7. Italy

    Ancona Assisi Florence Mestre Pompeii Rocchetta Nervina Rome Venice

  8. Netherlands

    Amsterdam Volendam

  9. Slovenia


  10. Switzerland


  11. United Kingdom


  12. Vatican City

    Vatican City

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10 Day Trip

7 Cities in

5 Countries

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Imperial Europe

Explore the history and culture of Munich, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Salzburg on this trip.

4.7 1258 reviews

Prices from R30,300 pp


  1. Austria

    Salzburg Vienna

  2. Czech Republic


  3. Germany

    Munich Oberammergau

  4. Hungary


  5. Slovakia


Icons of South America

Experience the inspiring culture and natural beauty of Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru on this Discovery trip.

4.5 53 reviews

Prices from R119,550 pp


  1. Argentina

    Bariloche Buenos Aires Iguassu Falls

  2. Brazil

    Rio de Janeiro

  3. Chile

    Puerto Varas Santiago

  4. Peru

    Aguas Calientes Lima Peru Renderings

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Save up to R8,850
14 Day Trip

8 Cities in

3 Countries

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Highlights of Austria Slovenia and Croatia End Zagreb

Discover some of Europe's prettiest towns and cities at a relaxed pace during this At Leisure trip.

4.7 296 reviews

Prices from R52,063 pp


  1. Austria


  2. Croatia

    Dubrovnik Hvar Island Plitvice Split Zagreb

  3. Slovenia

    Bled Ljubljana

All you need to know about Sightseeing Tours

What is a sightseeing tour?

A sightseeing tour with Trafalgar takes you to the famous tourist places within your destination. You’ll join an expert Local Specialist or Travel Director who will take you by coach, train, boat or foot to see all the best landmarks. You’ll get an insider’s view of the sights, and skip the queue at monuments like Rome's Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum.

What is the best time to visit Europe?

The best time to visit Europe depends on what you’d like to experience and the seasons you enjoy. If you love warm weather, visit during the summer months from June to August. If you’re dreaming of a magical winter holiday, visit between December and February to experience Europe during the festive season. The months of spring and autumn are also perfect for mild weather and fewer crowds.

What is the world's most visited place?

The world’s top ten most visited cities in 2019 were Bangkok, Paris, London, Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Istanbul, Tokyo and Antalya. From the Grand Palace in Bangkok and the Louvre Museum in Paris, to Big Ben in London and Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, these cities are home to some of the best tourist attractions in the world.

Where is the most beautiful place in Europe?

Europe is an incredibly beautiful continent, packed with natural wonders and architectural treasures. Some of the most stunning places are the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, the Highlands of Scotland, the Swiss and French Alps, the Dolomites in Italy, Lapland in Finland, the Lofoten Islands of Norway, the Eastern Carpathians of Romania and the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia.

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