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10 heart-warming Trafalgar guest stories

Recently updated on October 4th, 2022 at 11:28 am

While 2021 was certainly a different kind of year for travel, there was something extra special about the trips our guests enjoyed this year. From Italian summers to Swiss girls’ trips, we enjoyed sharing pictures and stories from all over the world – an overdue wedding anniversary in Switzerland and a first sip of Guinness in Ireland being just two of many highlights. And while we can’t wait to share more moments with you in 2022, here are just a small selection of some of our favourite guest stories from 2021.  

A first sip of Guinness in Ireland 

92-year-old Trafalgar guest Betty joined our Best of Ireland tour where she enjoyed her first ever sip of Guinness. Betty’s advice to our Travel Director, Ally? “Have as much fun as possible and travel while you can.” Sounds like stellar advice to us.  

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Honeymooners in Lake Maggiore  

Honeymooners Steven and Joann celebrated their love on our Best of Italy tour – and where better than to enjoy the start of the marriage than Lake Maggiore, where Travel Director Maria snapped this beautiful photo.

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Remembering family in Ireland 

Trafalgar guests Kerry and Jon travelled to Ireland on our Irish Highlights tour where they enjoyed a very special moment on the Cliffs of Moher. Kerry’s dad emigrated to the USA from Dublin when he was a child, so this trip to the Emerald Isle meant a lot to this couple.  

BE INSPIRED: You can visit the Cliffs of Moher on Trafalgar’s Irish Highlights tour

A belated wedding anniversary  

Preston and Ruth, from North Carolina in the USA, were enjoying their 18th wedding anniversary on Trafalgar’s Best of Switzerland trip – albeit two years too late. While their original trip was not meant to be, the happy couple ensured they had the time of their lives on this better-late-than-never trip in 2021.  

The gift of love & friendship 

It was during our Iconic Ireland trip that Trafalgar guest Dick declared his love for Brona with a Claddagh ring – a traditional piece of Irish jewellery that symbolises love, loyalty and friendship. 

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Mum and daughter girls’ trip  

Moments like mum and daughter Jill and Georgie’s girls’ trip are what we missed when travel was put on hold in the pandemic. Thankfully, this mother-daughter duo got to enjoy their Switzerland trip to the fullest in 2021 – and Trafalgar Travel Director Ally was there to capture their best moments.  

An adventurous solo traveller

Joanne was an adventurous solo traveller who we met on one of our Best of Italy trips this year. Travelling solo with Trafalgar doesn’t mean being alone – while you get the freedom of going exactly where you want, you also get to enjoy the company of an on-the-road team and a group of ready-made travel companions/future friends.  

Uncovering family history 

With a traditional local surname, the Egan family visited Ireland on our Irish Highlights tour in 2021 with the hope of uncovering some of their Irish ancestry. Led by Travel Director Ally, the Egan family explored the site of their family history, enjoying some Irish dancing and traditional music along the way.  

 A once-in-a-lifetime helicopter ride  

Trafalgar guest Bharveen wanted to feel on top of the world during our Best of Switzerland trip this year – and so he decided to go higher with a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter ride over the magnificent Swiss mountains.  

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Anniversary dancing   

What better way to celebrate your anniversary than with a bit of classic Irish dancing… that’s exactly what Trafalgar guests Kerri and Bill did on one of our tours in Kilkenny, Ireland.  

Do you have a favourite story from a Trafalgar tour? Let us know in the comments below.

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