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15 Photographs That Will Make You Want to Visit Europe in Winter

Sigh-inducing cityscapes lightly dusted with snow. Shimmering Christmas lights illuminating traditional markets. Imposing historical monuments standing proud, bathed in colour. In winter, Europe’s cities transform into striking, fairy tale locations that seemingly belong on the pages of a dusty tome. If you thought Europe was a dream in summer, these 15 incredible photographs will make you want to visit Europe in winter.


Visit Europe in Winter Berlin-Winter-www.istockphoto.comgbphotoview-on-berlin-brandenburger-tor-with-snow-in-morning-sun-gm638055756-114171067-goleroThe morning sun glistens on a powdery white snowfall that dapples the ground in front of Berlin’s historic Brandenburg Gate.


Visit Europe in Winter Krakow-christmas-www.istockphoto.comgbphotomain-market-square-in-krakow-during-christmas-gm531505429-55278230-TomeykWhat a square and what a tree! Krakow’s grand main market is dominated by a giant, sparkling Christmas tree that towers over visitors and market stalls.


The snow-kissed Jubilee Garden’s on London’s Southbank look like something out of a romantic movie. A ride on the dizzying London Eye as the flakes tumble down completes the Christmas mood.


Visit Europe in Winter Madrid-christmas-www.istockphoto.comgbphotocibeles-square-at-christmas-madrid-spain-gm186106485-27544588-jOSEiGNACIOsOTOEach winter, vivid, colourful lights illuminate Madrid’s imposing City Hall on Cibeles Square, bathing its Gothic ramparts in brilliant hues.


Visit Europe in Winter Reykjavik-christmas-www.istockphoto.comgbphotoaurora-over-reykjavik-gm624992100-109976733-sumosThe best Christmas lights in the world? Probably. The Aurora Borealis dances across the sky above a twinkling Reykjavik in Iceland – a country where it almost always feels like winter.


Visit Europe in Winter Coliseum-winterwww.istockphoto.comgbphotothe-coliseum-covered-by-snow-gm139948622-19351645-MattiaATHWhere’s the sun?! Rome’s Colosseum is virtually unrecognisable under a generous sprinkling of snow, like icing sugar on a wedding cake.


Prague - Europe in WinterImpressive Gothic rooftops burst through the snowfall creating a fairy tale city.


Visit Europe in Winter Bergen-winter-www.istockphoto.comgbphotoview-on-bruges-bergen-gm612016306-105381575-VYCHEGZHANINAHow cosy do these cabins look along Bergen waterfront in Norway? Log fire, blanket and a cup of tea: bliss.


Paris - Europe in winterNow you can see how it earned its nickname, the City of Love – what could be more romantic than the view of the Eiffel Tower emerging from the snow-blanketed rooftops of Paris?


Budapest - Europe in WinterFrequently voted the most beautiful building in Europe, the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest looks grander than ever as it sits on the banks of the frozen River Danube.


Visit Europe in Winter Stockholm-winter-www.istockphoto.comgbphotochristmas-fair-in-stockholm-sweden-gm185785307-28099592-scanrailStockholm’s iconic, colourful merchant homes glow resplendently, lit by Christmas market cabins.


ViennaRegal, opulent and even more show-stopping bathed in golden floodlight. Vienna’s Neo-Gothic Rathaus simply stuns in winter.


Edinburgh under snowEdinburgh’s snow-carpeted spires and Regency buildings are straight from the pages of a Dickensian novel.


Amsterdam in winterBeautifully reflected in the canals, Amsterdam’s pretty lights look especially Christmassy in winter.


Visit Frankfurt frankfurt-market-www.istockphoto.comgbphotochristmas-market-in-frankfurt-gm520625727-49958558-sborisovNow that’s what we call a Christmas market! Held in the picturesque Römerberg, Frankfurt’s is one of Germany’s largest and certainly most beautiful.

We travel to all these destinations. If you’re inspired to visit Europe in winter, take a look here. Where’s your favourite European city in winter? We’d love to know!

Image Credits: Berlin © iStock/bolero. Krakow © iStock/Tomeyk. London © iStock/_ultraforma_ . Madrid © iStock/jOSEiGNACIOsOTO. Reykjavik © iStock/sumos. Rome © iStock/MattiATH. Bergen © iStock/VYCHEGZHANINA. Stockholm © iStock/scanrail. Vienna © iStock/Xavier arnau. Edinburgh © iStock/georgeclerk. Frankfurt © iStock/sborisov

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