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5 jaw-dropping destinations to travel with friends

Some experiences are even more special with friends. And travel definitely fits this description. From pushing each other to discover new things to sharing meals, taxis and memories – there are many perks to travelling with friends. And we haven’t even mentioned the cheaper accommodation. So to celebrate the power of friendship this International Friendship Day (30 July annually) – read about these brilliant destinations to travel with friends.

Top destinations to travel with friends

You have some packing to do…

Lisbon (Portugal)

It’s no secret that Lisbon is a stunning travel destination. Portugal’s capital – known as ‘The City of Seven Hills’ – is famous for its blissful walks along pastel-coloured streets, remarkable coastal viewpoints, charming cafes, tasty pastries and soulful Fado music.

And there’s an extra atmosphere to it all with friends by your side. Plus something for suit everyone’s interests or spark a new fascination. Including tasting delicious pastéis de nata (egg custard pasteries). Soaking in hot sun on the beach. Or admiring architecture and history at the Belém Tower (built as a fortress to Lisbon) and UNESCO-listed Hieronymite Monastery – a shining example of 16th-century Manueline architecture and art.

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Tuscany (Italy)

Tuscany, Italy

Photos like this don’t even do justice to Tuscany. One foot here is like landing in a fairy tale novel, which is why it feels right to have a friend to capture the moment on camera. The countryside, in particular, is a tranquil place to let your hair down and forget about your work phone. Here, you’ll bond with friends as you treat your tastebuds to world-famous wine and mouth-watering Tuscan truffles unique to the region. Plus, on Trafalgar’s Italy Rome and Tuscan Highlights tour, an Italian mamma will teach you how to make a delicious tomato sauce that will change the way you cook forever. Plus transform your group into local Tuscans overnight.

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Lucerne (Switzerland)

Switzerland’s Lucerne is an adventure playground in the heart of mother nature. And easily one of the best destinations to travel with friends. Since it’s engulfed by snow-capped mountains, it would be rude not to explore them. So we recommend taking a cable car 6300ft up into clouds to meet the majestic Mount Stanserhorn. You and your friends can take in some of the world’s most beautiful Alpine trails here.

Elsewhere, Lucerne’s medieval streets, bridges and monuments afford hours of exploration. Plus, for the ultimate relaxation, you can enjoy a blissful cruise on Lake Lucerne – soaking in panoramic views of rolling Swiss hills, quaint villages and immense mountains all around.

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USA National Parks

Time in nature is especially liberating with friends. And lucky for you – the USA is overflowing with outdoor options. Out of its 423 National Park sites, here are two deserving of any bucket list.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Valley in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains has infatuated travellers ever since its opening in 1870. A gigantic 759,620 acres, you can roam a paradise of green hiking trails, grand meadows, rock formations, monstrous waterfalls and sequoia trees so big they shrink any human down to a pinprick in comparison.

To delve deep, you’ll want to grab a place on Trafalgar’s California’s Great National Parks tour where you can meet a naturalist (through the Yosemite Conservancy) and learn about the the dynamic history of climbing in Yosemite through captivating stories, photographs and demonstrations. And of course, explore to your heart’s content.

Acadia National Park

There a moments in life that you remember forever. That being said, watching the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park with friends is definitely one of them. Located in Maine (1525 feet above sea level) this is first spot in the United States where you can see the sunrise as it’s the highest point along the Atlantic Seaboard. Keep an eye out for moose, bear, whales and seabirds while you’re there. Or peel off to kayak, hike or cycle as you drink in the pure air.

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Dublin (Ireland)

Dublin is good ‘craic’ for all ages and friendships. Where to start? A creamy Guinness in a local pub (complete with Irish music and dancing) is a must. As is a moment to visit to St Patricks Cathedral – one of the few buildings of medieval Dublin still left standing. Alternatively, you can take to the water on a River Shannon cruise to absorb the city from a different angles. As well as the stunning rolling countryside in Leitrim and Roscommon counties. The Emerald Isle is made for travelling with friends. So why wait?

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Have these top destinations to travel with friends inspired your next trip? Tell us in the comments below.

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