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7 awesome activities to do in and around Switzerland's Lake Lucerne

Recently updated on July 10th, 2023 at 01:39 pm

If you ever wondered what Mother Nature’s paradise would look like, Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne wouldn’t be far off the truth. A glowing blue lake that glistens with reflections of the colossal mountains and colourful houses surrounding it. Known as the ‘Lake of the four forested settlementsfor its location touching four Swiss cantons, this is the beating heart of Switzerland. And a visit here will take yours as you enter a tranquil atmosphere like no other.

But there’s more to Lucerne than it’s 114 km² lake. Here’s what to expect from a visit there.

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Funnily enough, a first-visit here can almost be overwhelming. You stand in nature’s sweet shop and are hit with unlimited choice. So to make it easy for you – here are six amazing things to do at (and around) Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne.

Lake Lucerne cruise

It doesn’t get more serene than this. Hop on a Lake Lucerne cruise and enter a blissful state that will leave you breathless. You’ll glide past charming houses with delicate façades, glistening greenery that almost blinds the naked eye, and huge peaks that seemingly extend for miles. Don’t believe us? Flick through the photos above and book your spot on Trafalgar’s Contrasts of Switzerland tour to experience it yourself.

Mountain Stanserhorn cable car

Hold onto your hat and take the Stans railway and roofless cable car 6300ft up to Mountain Stanserhorn. Soak in staggering scenery on your journey up in the world’s only roofless cable car (built in 2012), keeping an eye peeled for hikers and wandering animals on route. We guarantee your jaw will drop to the floor faster than you can say “I love Switzerland!” here.

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Stroll along the Chapel Bridge

Switzerland's Lake Lucerne

Connecting the Reuss river weaving through the city to the Altstadt (Old Town), the Chapel Bridge is a Lucerne landmark you cannot miss. Built in 1333, it’s the world’s oldest covered wooden bridge. We recommend you breathe in the atmosphere of Lucerne during your stroll here and stop to admire the historical paintings embedded into the architecture. Plus the Water Tower pictured above.

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Meet Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus close to Switzerland's Lake Lucerne

Mother nature was definitely showing off when she created Mount Pilatus. Located in southern Lucerne, this 6982ft monster is nicknamed ‘Dragon Mountain’ as legend tells tales of dragons landing here. It’s composed of several peaks – best taken in via the world’s steepest cableway. This experience transports you to a different planet in the clouds above Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne.

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Visit the Jesuit Church

Switzerland's Lake Lucerne

History and culture buffs must add the Jesuit Church to their lists. Constructed from 1667 onwards, it’s a shining example of the Jesuit Catholic efforts against the 17th century Counter-Reformation. Remarkably, it was the first large Baroque church built in Switzerland, north of the alps and displays some of the most striking architecture in Europe. Don’t forget your camera.

Giswil village horse and carriage ride

Switzerland's Lake Lucerne

Ever wanted to star in a Disney film? A horse and carriage ride through Giswil village is your chance to feel as though you are. A short hop from Lucerne, gorgeous Giswil sits at the crossroads of the Brünig and Glaubenbielen Passes. Sit back, relax and admire beautifully preserved wooden houses and lake views on route as you feel yourself transport back in time.

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Marvel at the Lion Monument

Meet the Lion Monument. This exquisite carving out of sandstone rock is just as soul-stirring at Lucerne’s landscapes. It commemorates courageous Swiss guards who died defending King Louis XVI in 1792. And upon viewing, was described as ‘the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world’ by Mark Twain. Do you agree?

Have you been to Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne? Tell us your favourite parts in the comments below!

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