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7 Trafalgar experiences perfect for adventure family travel

Craving some adventure family travel? Embarking on family adventures can be a great bonding exercise as you take on some of the world’s most breathtaking experiences.

It’s why Trafalgar tours offers adventures in all shapes and sizes. So whether you’re a heights-loving adrenalin junky, crave time in the ocean or want to get close to natural wonders – there are special travel experiences out there for you and your children. From zip-lining across rainforests in Costa Rica to standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon and getting inches away from a lion on African sunset safari, some of them are even more special with family. Read on to discover seven of them.

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Bathe in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Who said adventure has to be heart-racing? A dip in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon will sink the whole family into a blissful state of relaxation. Set among lava fields in Reykjanes Peninsula (in southwest Iceland), geothermal energy warms mineral-rich, milky-blue coloured water containing lava rock, silica and algae that is wonderful for your skin. It’s even known to help psoriasis and eczema and have anti-aging effects. And the 37–39 °C is the perfect temperature. So we recommend you bubble away here and make a face mask out of white silica mud like these happy Trafalgar guests above to reap its skin cleansing benefits. A rite of passage during any trip to ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’.

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Zipline through Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is made for adventure family travel. Touch down in a fantasy-type world here as spellbinding natural wonders wave hello at every turn. And of course, you’ll want to throw yourself into the heart of it all. That’s why we recommend zip-lining through Monteverde Cloud Forest on Trafalgar’s Costa Rica Adventure tour. Ten zip lines (ranging from 100-650 feet in height and over 650 feet in length) will sling you through this stunning rainforest. While giving you a 360° degree view of impossibly huge trees, delicate canopies and roaming wildlife – including toucans, white-faced monkeys, sloths, iguanas, caimans and tropical birds.

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Walk the Grand Canyon rim in the United States

Remember your camera when you arrive in Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park. Here, 447 kilometre area of sweeping vistas of red rock (and the Colorado river) are begging to be explored. You simply must grab the chance to walk around the colossal rim of the Grand Canyon (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) and stare at the remarkable view below. During which, you can hear from a Local Specialist on how this extraordinary feat of erosion has developed over the past 40 million years.

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Ride the Flåm railway in Norway

Introducing one of the world’s most scenic train rides. All aboard the Flåm railway in Western Norway (called Flåmsbana in Norwegian). Starting at Flåm (at sea level), you’ll pass cascading waterfalls, steep valleys, towering peaks and glacial ice on your way to Myrdal mountain. As you climb 2845 feet upwards over the hour-long ride, look out for local farms, churches and villages for an insight into traditional mountain life. And remember to take out your camera during your stop at Kjosfossen Falls for a jaw-dropping photo. Say yes to adventure family travel like this (and more) on our Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords tour.

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Roam a local farm in Hawaii

adventure family travel in Maui farm

Away from the Maui’s spotless beaches, you can venture off-the-beaten path into the green heart of the island. Amid the rolling hills and misty mountains you will come across a local farm. Here, you can find out fascinating things about sustainable agriculture, get to know local life and the famous farm-to-table foods it produces on this MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experience during Trafalgar’s Hawaiian Discovery tour. Discover and support local traditions here. Drink in deliciously clean air. And bring in the eye-opening family fun.

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Get close on ‘The Big 5’ on Kenyan safari

elephants on safari in Kenya

Time stands still in Maasai Mara National Reserve in southwestern Kenya. This 1,510 square kilometre stretch of sprawling savannahs is the perfect place to witness the ‘The Big 5’ game: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo. Plus roaming zebras, cheetahs, wildebeests, antelopes and giraffes. Within seconds here, you’ll believe you were meant to be here your whole life. There’s something special in the air that makes Maasai Mara the pinnacle of adventure family travel for animal and nature lovers.

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Cruise the Loch Ness in Scotland

adventure family travel on Loch Ness

Place yourself in the highlands and explore Scotland’s largest freshwater loch by boat cruise. Loch Ness is a legend worldwide for the monster ‘Nessie’ that reportedly lurks beneath its waters. However, if she doesn’t show herself, you can watch spellbound as rolling hills rise and fall into view and spot the glowing white Urquhart Castle (founded in the 13th-century). Simply stunning.

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Ready for adventure family travel? Tell us which experiences you want to try in the comments below.

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