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8 delicious Trafalgar tours that celebrate gastronomy

Recently updated on July 12th, 2023 at 10:49 am

Trafalgar’s food and wine tours are the perfect travel adventures for foodies. Whether you’re looking to expand your recipe repertoire, learn some new cooking methods or maybe you just want to taste everything you can, these tours are guaranteed to satisfy appetites and connect you to some of the world’s best flavours.

1. Best of the Italian Lakes

pasta and tomatoes

This at-leisure tour is the ultimate crash course in the cuisine of Northern Italy. You’ll have the chance to savour decadently creamy fresh gelato on the shores of Lake Como. The real magic of this food tour is in our exclusive Be My Guest experience. You’ll sample exquisite local fare made with home-grown, fresh ingredients after touring the Serenelli family farm and learning about the formation of the Red Cross. Another highlight is a Local Specialist’s tour of Modena, with the chance to sip sparkling Lambrusco, salty prosciutto and true parmigiano.

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2. Impressions of South America

steaks on the grill

A perfect introduction to the South American continent, this nine-day tour is jam-packed with flavour. Learn how to mix a flawless caipirinha before ticking in to a sizzling barbecue at a local churrascaria in Rio. In Buenos Aires, be sure to pick up a scoop of Café Tortoni’s famous dulce de leche ice-cream. Then, join the Palermo family to learn all about asado – a method of cooking unique to Argentina – whilst sipping expertly paired wines. Afterwards, you’ll even learn a traditional Argentinian country bread recipe to take home with you!

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3. Tastes and Sounds of the South

beignets at cafe du monde

Moving through Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana, Tastes and Sounds of the South, one of our favourite food and wine tours, gives you the chance to sample a range of the South’s legendary soul food. Tuck in to comforting hot chicken and biscuits in Nashville before an evening of country music at the Grand Ole Opry. Experience a live piano concert from pianist Joe Stone, before a delicious three-course meal with perfectly paired wines. Later in the trip, you’ll sample true creole cuisine at the New Orleans School of Cooking. A New Orleans local will lead you through a fun cooking demonstration so you can pick up a recipe to take home with you. We haven’t even mentioned the unmissable beignets NOLA is famous for, or the amazing dinner steamboat cruise this itinerary offers…

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4. Splendours of Japan

platter of sushi

Fresh sushi, warming ramen, matcha tea, sake – all the things you think of when we mention Japanese cuisine. This totally unique Japan trip is a foodie’s dream. Start your culinary journey in Tokyo, with traditional Japanese sweets and the kawaii (cute) snacks the city is world-famous for. Then, in Ginza, you’ll learn how to make your very own sushi with the help of a Local Specialist. You’ll even have the option to join a traditional Japanese Tea ceremony, observing a Tea Master at work before sampling and even learning to make it for yourself!

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5. Best of Switzerland

potatoes being dipped in cheese fondue

Never heard of Swiss wine? That’s because it’s rarely exported beyond the country’s borders – but this food and wine tour, with lots of sightseeing in the mix, gives you the chance to taste plenty of it! In Bourg en Lavaux, a charming wine village above Lake Geneva, you’ll enjoy a delicious Be My Guest lunch with the freshest local ingredients. In the winter season, be sure to sample some delicious fondue. Nothing quite beats a steaming pot of melted cheese, and soft fresh bread for dipping.

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6. Best of South Africa

glass of wine in front of vineyards

You might be thinking this is more of a safari than one of our food and wine tours, but the traditional African flavours on this trip are unparalleled. Who says you can’t enjoy watching the Big 5 while also tucking in to world class food and drink? Enjoy a true South African braai after a day spent looking for incredible creatures in the wild. One of our exclusive Be My Guest experiences gives you the chance to connect with Xhosa culture during a traditional meal with host Ella. Then, join one of our optional experiences to explore the Cape Winelands where you’ll learn about the entire process of  winemaking and sample plenty of South Africa’s notable wines.

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7. Australian Highlights

steak on BBQ

Head down under and enjoy the best flavours Australia has to offer on Australian Highlights, another of our favourite food and wine tours. Experience the true farm-to-table experience at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market. Enjoy an authentic Aussie BBQ dinner under the glittering stars at the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and sample fresh, tropical sea food at Cairns in between Great Barrier Reef adventures.

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8. Traditional Europe

coffee surrounded by beans

This three-week jaunt around Europe is the perfect way to enjoy cuisine from across the continent. Enjoy Venetian-style seafood after a private lagoon cruise, sip espresso in Rome and savour typical Tuscan fare with incredible local wines. You’ll also have the chance to relax with a glass in Beaune – Burgundy’s wine capital – and join Poppy Salinger for an incredible flavourful Be My Guest dinner.

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