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This Bucharest pizzeria ranks in Europe's top 5

Recently updated on August 30th, 2022 at 04:22 pm

A little-known pizzeria has received the ultimate of foodie nods for serving up some of the best pizza in Bucharest, and in fact in all of Europe. Considering there are 44 countries, 800 cities and who knows how many pizzerias in Europe, that’s no mean feat. Anyone who’s ever dined at Animaletto Pizza Bar knows it’s a well-deserved honour.

Pizza at Animaletto Pizza Bar

When travellers were recently asked to vote for their best pizzerias in Europe, a whopping 1.5 million people were more than willing to share their best finds, and there were many.

First and fifth spots belong to pizzerias in, you guessed it, Italy. L’Antica Pizzeria in Naples and Gustapizza in Florence justifiably earn their top spots in the European pizza race. The Bæst in København, Denmark, wears their silver medal with pride, followed by Rudy’s Pizza in Manchester, England in third. In fourth place is none other than Animaletto Pizza Bar, serving up the best pizza in Bucharest.

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‘Fearless’ pizza in Bucharest

Animaletto Pizza Bar in Bucharest is a fearless spot with words as big as its new title. Their website’s ‘about’ page reads like a bold manifesto, serving up a slice of life (in their words) that “doesn’t settle for classic”. They also talk about playing pushing the boundaries in the restaurant world and ask why anyone would want to leave their home just to be ‘safe’. We’re hooked already without any gooey goodness in sight.

Animaletto Pizza Bar Bucharest inside view

Guests can savour the best pizza in Bucharest in an industrial-chic setting, with wooden tables and carefully chosen steel fittings further brought to life with more than a touch of nature. Flowers and plants add that extra thoughtful touch and you’ll feel entirely at home in their rustic little slice of heaven.

On the menu above ‘pizzas’, the words ‘trust us, it’s good’ set the tone for an extravaganza of delicious flavours.  There are 16 different pizza combinations to try – thin, crusty pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven to 5th place perfection.

And, for the person who isn’t into pizza? If that person even exists, there are plenty of options, from soups, salads, pasta to risotto. There’s also a range of what the restaurant terms “everything in a jar”. However, it would be a pity not to sample the best pizza in Bucharest, even if it’s just a slice.

Have you been lucky enough to dine at Animaletto Pizza Bar? We’d love to hear all about it in our comments below…

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