7 boredom busters from the Trafalgar team

Going slightly mad at home? It’s not just you. With all this time spent indoors, it’s fair to say we’ve all felt the boredom kicking in from time to time. While some people are fairly content and enjoying the chance to slow down a little, others are struggling to stay entertained.

And the Trafalgar team are no different. From painting and baking to staying fit, here’s how just a few of our team are getting through lockdown. 

Ginny, Head of Digital Engagement

woman stretching pink yoga mat

I’ve very recently welcomed a new puppy into my life, so he’s been keeping my household on our toes and bringing a lot of joy and happiness during an otherwise fairly stressful period.

Other than this, I’ve also been really trying to embrace home workouts as another boredom buster for isolation, particularly those from The Body Coach, and LuluLemon. I’m struggling to find motivation for exercise, but when I do I feel so much better, both mentally and physically.

Gemma, Global Marketing & Campaigns Manager

man painting outside

I have been mass binging podcasts lately while I potter around the house, cook, bake, clean or sit in my sunroom and do art. It’s such a good way to learn something new, be entertained or just have “company” while you’re doing other things.

Art has also been important to me these past weeks – I find I can be absorbed by it for hours and don’t realise where the time has gone. They say everyone is creative so even if you just sit with a blank sheet of paper and doodle for a while it’s good for the soul!

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Kelsey, Social Media Executive

hands holding freshly baked bread

I’ve been trying to challenge myself in the kitchen. I’m working with the ingredients and equipment I have on hand and trying a lot of new recipes. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much free time! It’s been fun to get stuck in and get my hands dirty instead of sticking to my usual favourites.

I’ve been trying to make foods I’ve been missing and last week I made Swedish IKEA-style meatballs that were almost exactly like the real thing! My next mission is a stove-top skillet pizza with everything made from scratch.

I also bought myself a games console as a birthday treat and have been playing a lot of Animal Crossing, which is super soothing and a nice escape. I’ve also been doodling and doing adult colouring books when I feel like I need a break from all the screen time.

Katie, Copywriter

reading a Kindle on the couch

I came home to Australia once the coronavirus began spreading, so I’ve been busy moving into my new apartment. I’ve really enjoyed transforming my home into a calm and cosy space to wait out the lockdown. My favourite boredom busters for isolation have been curling up with a book, watching lots of Netflix and cooking delicious recipes. I’ve also loved sorting through all my travel photos… and planning new trips for the future!

With so much time spent indoors, it’s hard to keep track of how much physical activity you’re doing each day. I got a FitBit and now I’m hooked on getting my daily steps in and making sure I’m moving throughout the day. I relish my daily walks outside and I love watching the gorgeous Aussie sunsets and listening to the chirping birds.

These little things have given me such an enormous sense of gratitude which does wonders for your body and mind! I’ve even had time to sign up to Spanish classes, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for years. So for now, yo me quedo en casa!

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Cat, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

balls of dough rolling pin

I’ve become a master baker… well, sort of! I’ve been baking all sorts of things like banana bread, scones, cakes and millionaire shortbread. It’s something I’ve never found the time for and a skill I’ve always wanted to improve. It’s a great way to distract your mind and bust some boredom. Plus, you get something delicious out of it. Mary Berry, I’m coming for you…

Irina, Performance Marketing Manager

painting with watercolours

Being locked down reminded me of the importance of discovering your creative side. I started drawing, taking pictures, and editing my photos and videos from past travels again.

In the busyness of our lives, we often forget to dedicate some time to things that truly make us happy, like hobbies that spark joy. Entering this happy zone through creativity also helps to reduce the stress and anxiety that we are all feeling these days.

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Lezaan, Digital Marketing Manager

gardening holding plants

I’m a musician and a gym maniac and I love keeping fit and burning off the extra calories. My top boredom buster tip is to keep your daily routines going. I’ve downloaded a fitness app and I do my morning gym work out after preparing a smoothie in our NutriBullet. Believe it or not, having a routine has helped so much.

We have also picked up hobbies like planting all sorts of fresh vegetables and herbs. Watching them grow is such an exciting and warming experience. You realise just how vast and spectacular nature truly is and my reflections have given me a deeper sense of gratitude for what we can simply pick up at the store.

Some of my other favourite boredom busters are building lego and going for sundowners in the local park. I’ve even ordered a bicycle unassembled and put it together! Doing five minutes of meditation is also an amazing way to start your morning and I’ve been following meditations on YouTube.

Most importantly, I find joy in spending time with my fiancé and our dog and bonding throughout the day. Being able to make warm lunches is a brilliant way to invest back some time to reflect and connect.

How are you spending your time at home during the lockdown? Let us know your favourite boredom busters for isolation in the comments below!

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