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'I was told there would be no crocodiles...' - Cassie's Egyptian adventure

Our Trafalgar Unlocked Awards have now closed and after combing through over 10,000 incredible entries, we’ve announced the lucky winners. Each of these winners will be joining us with their travel companion on a 12-day trip to the Balkans this June. One of the winners was Cassie, who shared this story of her Egyptian adventure as part of her entry: 

“How many people can say they got to take a dip in the Nile River…it was very cold lol.”

We chatted with Cassie to find out how it feels to be one of our winners. We also found out what it was like to swim in the Nile on her Egyptian adventure!

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How did it feel to be one of the lucky Trafalgar Unlocked Award winners? 

It felt absolutely amazing. I had such a great feeling that I could win this contest, I even asked my best friend if she had her passport because as I said to her, “I’m entering this contest and I think I can win”. I knew that after the closing period, winners would be notified within 7 days and in my brain that was a Friday. As the week progressed and there was no word I was bummed. I then woke up Saturday to the email and temporarily lost my mind and then texted my friend to get that passport. 

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Who will you take with you on your Trafalgar trip to the Balkans?

My best friend since high school, Kristen. I have been trying to convince her to travel with me for years and this was an opportunity she could not pass up. 

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What are you most excited to see and do during the Balkans Trafalgar trip? 

As a big Game of Thrones fan, I am quite excited to visit Dubrovnik.  

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Your Trafalgar Unlocked Awards entry is about your Egyptian adventure. Can you tell us more about why you chose this trip? 

When I was in college I created a bucket list of places I wanted to travel to and Egypt was one of those places. I was fascinated by what I learned in elementary school about the Pharaohs, mummies and pyramids. In April 2022 I completed my bucket list with this trip. 

What was it like to swim in the Nile River?

It was very cold but I was determined to do it.  I asked my Travel Director, Mohamed, if there was going to be an opportunity for me to do it and he arranged for it on our way to the Nubian village optional excursion. So I made sure to wear my swimsuit and convinced another traveler to join me in the water. I was told there would be no crocodiles but there was a water buffalo tied up about a hundred feet away. I took this experience as a sort of re-baptism and there is no better place than the Nile River. 

What are some of your other favorite memories from the trip? 

I really enjoyed the Nile River Cruise component of the trip. The Valley of the Kings was amazing, I was in awe standing in front of King Tut and seeing all the other Tombs. The other high point of my trip was seeing the pyramids up close. I literally had tears in my eyes standing there. 

How many Trafalgar tours have you been on? 

I have taken three Trafalgar tours (Greece, Iceland, and Egypt) previously and four with Costsaver (Italy, Spain and Portugal, England, Ireland and Scotland, and Glimpse of Europe). 

What are your all-time favorite travel destinations or Trafalgar tours? 

This is like asking who is your favorite child. I love them all equally. 

Where else is on your bucket list? 

I would like to go to Australia or do a safari in South Africa.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your story? 

I have been fortunate enough to travel often and am so thankful to have won this opportunity. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my trips and the wonderful Travel Directors, drivers and guests I have met throughout the years. The Travel Directors go out of their way to make everyone’s experiences special. The drivers do a phenomenal job navigating all the guests safely. And I have made so many new friends on these trips. Trafalgar is simply the best!

Congratulations to Cassie on being one of our lucky winners and thank you for sharing your story. You can read more stories from our Trafalgar Unlocked Award winners on The Real Word blog.

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