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Celebrate International Women's Day with Trafalgar

International Women’s Day is fast approaching and we’re celebrating by showcasing just a few of Trafalgar’s many inspirational women. With varying roles at Trafalgar, from Japan’s mother and daughter team to Canada’s cowgirls, these talented and dedicated women are key to the success of the Trafalgar brand; helping to deliver the authentic, effortless and fun experiences that we’re famous for. Read their stories, find out what inspires them and join us in celebrating International Women’s Day on the 8th of March!

Sarah Clapton, Travel Director, Europe

What does Trafalgar mean to you? 

I joined Trafalgar 40 years ago, and was one of the first female Travel Directors. Without sounding too sentimental, Trafalgar’s family has been a huge part of my life and I now have many friends all over the world. Every city is like home!

Barbara Marani, Travel Director, Italy

International Women's Day

What is your greatest professional achievement to date? 

I was named the ‘Best Travel Director of the Year’ in 2013, which is my proudest professional achievement to date. Every time I guide a holiday, my guests say that they will travel with Trafalgar again. It’s the best company I could wish to work for as they care about global issues, raise money for charities and actively support campaigns, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Roxy Pye, Travel Director, UK

What does Trafalgar mean to you?

When I was a little girl, maybe 10 or 11, I used to sit with an atlas and write lists of all the countries in the world that I wanted to visit. My mum would go to the travel agent and collect Trafalgar brochures for me and I would make collages with the pictures. I remember them always being red and having pictures of the Changing of the Guard in London on the front. These little artworks were the first steps toward many years of study and travel that grew into a deep passion for world discovery. Now, Trafalgar allows me to share that passion with people from all corners of the globe. For me, working with Trafalgar is the ultimate dream!

Haylie Guinn, Be My Guest Host and Ranch Manager, Canada

International Women's Day

Who inspires you?

My mother! She has dedicated so much time and effort to our business over the last 30 years. When we first started, we didn’t even have a house. In the beautiful and diverse Rocky Mountains, she started a business – a tent camp – while raising two young children. She looked after the horses, staff and guests, as well as cooked for everyone, all while keeping up her job as an on-call nurse in the city! I’m so proud to carry on her legacy.

Giada Amadei, Be My Guest Host, Italy

International Women's Day

Who are you inspired by and what does Trafalgar mean to you? 

I am inspired by my mother, a great woman who preserved our family’s legacy and lovingly passed down our family traditions from generation to generation. Working with Trafalgar is a fantastic opportunity to share our beautiful home, its history and the Landi family traditions with people from around the world. We passionately share and preserve our park and its wildlife, while providing an experience that is rare to find.

Tomoko Nakamura and her mother Kyoko Nakamura, Be My Guest Hosts, Japan

International Women's Day

What is your greatest personal or professional achievement to date? 

My greatest achievement is learning English, so that I could communicate with our guests. I’m now studying French and I am also learning the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging (Ikebana), the traditional tea ceremony (Sado) and calligraphy (Shodo) from my mother. I love welcoming Trafalgar guests into our home and sharing traditional Japanese cuisine with them. My mother and I feel that we are contributing to the promotion of Japan and its culture.

Linda Odom, Be My Guest Host, Georgia, USA

What does Trafalgar mean to you? 

I love working with Trafalgar as it allows me to meet people from across the globe and to showcase my part of the world at its best! Trafalgar clients are always interested in getting to know the locals and enjoy experiencing exactly what it would be like to live in, not just visit, our part of the country.

Find out more…

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Let’s celebrate!

We hope you’ve been inspired as we have by Trafalgar’s dedicated women and that you’ve enjoyed hearing their stories. Help us celebrate International Women’s Day by telling us about the women who have inspired you on your travels! Join the conversation at Facebook, or on Twitter and Instagram.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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