7 brilliant destinations to explore with a small group tour

Travelling with a small group tour has its benefits. With a more intimate group, you can get more one-on-one time with your Travel Director and form tighter bonds with your fellow travellers. This even more personal experience and chance to squeeze more fun in, is why many are choosing to book a small group tour for their travels in 2021 and beyond. 

At Trafalgar, we added small group tours in 2021 so you can enjoy the same incredible Trafalgar experiences just with a smaller group. As always, you’ll explore with like-minded people and every detail will be cared for, including your wellbeing. All our small group tours through Asia and Africa will have 20 people or less, and our small group tours through Europe, USA and the rest of the world will have 29 people or less.

Here are seven of the best destinations to experience as a small group trip.

1. Japan

Wander the famous path lined with hundreds of orange torii gates snaking through a forest, indulge in a delicious kaiseki lunch at a traditional ryokan, and go deeper with Japanese customs. Your dive into Japan with a small group tour will allow you to experience the rich ancient culture up close with even more detail. Experience the lights and sounds of futuristic Tokyo more vividly, and enjoy the traditional customs of Kyoto without interruption on a small group trip.

GET INSPIRED: Classic Japan

2. Egypt

Feel like a real explorer on a small group journey to Egypt. Join an expedition through the lush river valleys and golden desert landscapes with 20 people or less for a more intimate trip. Soak in more detail and take better pictures as you cruise the Nile, tour the Pyramids of Giza, and see Tomb of the Nobles and the Sphinx up close on a small group tour.

GET INSPIRED: Best of Egypt

3. Paris 

Paris is a romantic city that you want to approach at a more relaxed pace. A small group tour in Europe gives you the chance to explore the French capital without the rush. With less time needed to wait for a large group to catch up, you’ll have more time to unwind as you stroll by the Seine, soak in the atmosphere and chase down the best croissants. A small group tour through Europe – especially Paris – gives you the same exceptional experiences, just with more time to relax.

GET INSPIRED: Paris Explorer

4. South Africa

Imagine this: just 20 people exploring South Africa together with your expert Travel Director. Tour group size matters if you’re someone who likes lots of close interaction with people (and animals). While in South Africa you’ll have the chance to ask more questions to each Local Specialist game ranger and animal tracker that joins your safari. With less people it’s more likely you’ll see every lion, elephant and giraffe the rest of the tour spots.

GET INSPIRED: Essence of South Africa

5. United States of America

While America might seem like a place of oversized meals, drinks and highways, exploring the USA on a small group tour allows you see a whole new side to the supersize me destination. American’s incredible national parks are one place in particular you might like to explore with less people. From viewing the Grand Canyon to going on a short hike, a small group tour in the USA with 29 people or less will give you more time to explore the wild outdoors and less chance of people getting in the way of your scenic landscape photos.

group of people hiking in Grand Canyon

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6. Morocco

Darting down alleyways and haggling in the markets will be all the more fun with your Travel Director at close distance. Culturally you are expected to haggle, haggle, haggle at any local markets and this can be uncomfortable if you are not used to the custom. On a small group trip you will have more time and one-on-one access to your Travel Director, SO they can help you navigate the enticing sights and sounds of Morocco.

GET INSPIRED: Best of Morocco  

7. Europe

If your vacation time is limited, consider opting for a small group tour of Europe. With less people, you’ll have more time to immerse yourself in the local culture as you whiz from the canals of Amsterdam to lakeside Lucerne, to the hills of Tuscany. Your multi-country whirlwind trip will feel longer and more spacious as there will be less time wasted coordinating meet-ups and dinners. 

GET INSPIRED: European Whirl

Considering a small group tour of Asia, Europe, USA or someone else? Let us know where you are eyeing up a small group trip in the comments below…

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