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Where to find the tastiest croissants in Paris

Recently updated on April 30th, 2024 at 05:50 pm

More than just a pastry, the croissant is the king of the bakery and an icon of France. So where better to try these flaky, buttery treats than the French capital? Paris is a pastry lover’s dream and no trip would be complete with a croissant (or two, or twelve…). You’ll be amazed by all the charming pâtisseries and boulangeries where the smell of freshly baked goodies wafts through the air, and it’s impossible to resist the call to find the very best croissants in Paris.

So don’t waste your euros on any old croissant. In celebration of National Croissant Day on 30th January, here is where to find the crème-de-la-crème of croissants in Paris. You’ll never look at breakfast the same again. 

Maison Pichard


If you’re after a real, traditional French croissant, it’s got to be Maison Pichard. A family business for over two decades, Maison Pichard is a hotspot for baked treats, and the lines begin forming early on Sunday mornings. You’ll see why it’s worth the wait as soon as you bite into the flaky, shiny, buttery pastry.

It’s made with milk flour and high-quality Pamplie butter and baked to perfection with a crunchy golden coating. If you’re after more sweet treats, Maison Pichard is also famed for their honeycomb-filled croissants, fresh baguettes, pain au chocolat, eclairs and raspberry tarts. Delicious! 


Du Pain et des Idée


Located just steps away from the stunning Canal St Martin, Du Pain et des Idées is the perfect stop for a croissant break on your walk around the River Seine. Founded by chef Christophe Vasseur in 2002, this little bakery has a gorgeous interior that makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

But the croissants are the real stars, with a crunchy, golden crust brushed with top quality butter. Grab a few and be sure to check out their famous escargots – snail-shaped pastry filled with chocolate, raisins, pistachio and all kinds of flavours. The hardest part is choosing just one!

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Laurent Duchêne


Holding the prestigious title of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France,” Laurent Duchêne is one of the very best places in Paris to buy your croissants. The title is awarded only to the best craftsmen in France, so you know you’re in for a very special treat here. There are two locations in the 13th and 15th arrondissement of Paris, and it’s always worth the trip.

You’ll instantly fall in love with the airy, flaky, buttery layers of their generous croissants, and they have other flavours like the beloved chocolate and praline croissant. If you want to try something new, look for the whimsical creations like the choux pastry decorated with pistachio and praline ice cream, made to look like a fairytale woodland scene. It’s all so magical and melt-in-your-mouth.


Café Pouchkine


If you like to enjoy your croissant and coffee in style, you can’t miss the elegant Café Pouchkine. Located on the Place de la Madeleine, this café is dripping with sophistication and glamorous Belle Époque decor. Their croissants are just as stylish and you can’t miss the signature croissant a la vanille, laced with bourbon vanilla. It’s also made with Charente-Poitou butter so the layers are thick yet crunchy, and totally delicious. You’ll probably have to pinch yourself to make sure you haven’t been transported back to the golden days of Parisian café culture!

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La Maison d’Isabelle


Set in the heart of the Latin Quarter, La Maison d’Isabelle is all about whipping up baked creations with organic French butter and flour. The result? Award-winning croissants that are delightfully fluffy, flaky and melting with butter. Even though they won the top prize in 2018 for the best croissant in Paris, their famous croissants are still just €1 each, so you know you’re getting the best on a budget! You also have to try their baguettes, raisin-laced pretzels and traditional cakes, all sold at reasonable prices… Bon appetit!

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Des Gâteaux et du Pain


Des Gâteaux et du Pain is famed as one of the best bakeries in the city, so you just know you’re getting one of the best croissants in Paris too. It’s a decadent yet delicate creation, full of rich butter and airy layers that just melt in your mouth. It’s also made with top-notch ingredients, like preservative-free flour, creamery butter, and a dash of Guérande salt crystals.

There are two locations in Paris, with one in the 7th arrondissement near the Eiffel Tower and one in the 15th arrondissement near the Montparnasse train station, so you’re never far from this bakery’s amazing croissants. You also have to try the chocolate couronnes, gorgeous lemon cakes, and delicious tarts and cupcakes that are like works of art. 

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It doesn’t get much more classic than Stohrer. Set on Rue Montorgueil, Stohrer is the oldest pâtisserie in Paris. It was founded all the way back in 1730 by Nicolas Stohrer, King Louis XV’s pastry chef! With centuries of baking wisdom behind them, today they are famed for making the best almond croissant in Paris. You’ll fall in love as soon as you sink your teeth into the lovely layers filled with almond cream and dusted with icing sugar.

It’s definitely one of the bigger and richer croissants out there, with an almond cake-like, doughy interior, and it’s the perfect afternoon treat on your Paris adventures. Still not satisfied? Stohrer is also famed for their classic French treats like lemon tarts, éclairs and champagne truffles.

Do you know where to find the best croissants in Paris? Let us know in the comments below!

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