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Egypt, in your words – these 11 guest stories paint a vivid picture

From the iconic Pyramids of Giza to the majestic temples of Luxor and the vibrant underwater world of the Red Sea, Egypt’s allure is undeniable – and every past Trafalgar guest has a cool travel story. 

Let’s step into a world where time stands still and immerse ourselves in the best of Egypt with these travel stories. Discover why going to Egypt will leave a mark on your heart and soul.

“The Great Pyramid of Giza is a true wonder of the world” – Sean B.

Sean’s image of the Great Sphinx of Giza

“As I stood before it, I was struck by its sheer magnitude and the brilliance of the ancient Egyptians who built it thousands of years ago,” said Sean. “The pyramid’s grandeur is not only in its size but in the intricate details that make it a true architectural marvel. 

“As I ventured inside, the narrow passageways and low ceilings only added to the sense of mystery and awe that I felt. But the true highlight of my visit was when I reached the burial chamber and beheld the intricate details. It was as if I had been given a glimpse into the very soul of ancient Egypt. 

“And all of it was made even more special by our guide’s masterful storytelling and deep knowledge of the history and culture of this incredible land.  This experience was truly once in a lifetime and I am honored to have been a part of it, and it made it even more special that I got to share it with my mom and wife.” 

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“The cruise up and down the Nile was magnificent” – Nelia B.

Nelia poses in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza

“From Alexandria to the Abu Simbel Temples we had a great experience,” says Nelia. “We entered the burial chamber in the Great Pyramid and took photos with the Sphinx.  

“The cruise up and down the Nile was magnificent. Our onboard crew was amazing and our local guide, Saleh, provided the personal touch we’ve come to expect from Trafalgar. A trip of a lifetime!”

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“Art history immersion” – Agnes M.

Agnes’s photo of men in a traditional rowing boat on the Nile

“The sights and sounds of Egypt were truly memorable,” said past guest Agnes. “Being transported on the houseboat cruising the Nile to marvel at the wonders of Egypt was a unique experience. It was art history immersion by our knowledgeable guide, Mohammed.” 

“The grandeur and splendor of the temples… reminded me that life is precious and not to be wasted.” – Evangeline N.

Our past guest Evangeline said Egypt was defining moment for her. After surviving a sudden and unexpected stroke in May last year, she wanted to use her second chance. She joined our September tour to visit Egypt and marvel at the wonders of this ancient civilization.  Let’s hear her Egypt travel story….

Evangeline takes in the atmosphere in Luxor Temple

“The grandeur and splendor of the temples left me in awe and reminded me that life is precious and not to be wasted,” she said. “The opportunity to witness the vast and ancient structures of Luxor was a true blessing, and a testament to the fact that there is more to live for. 

“As the sun went down, the temple was bathed in a spectrum of colors that highlighted the intricate details of the carvings and hieroglyphics. The narration accompanied with the light show, made the temple come alive with stories of ancient Egyptian gods, pharaohs and queens. It was a moment that truly transported me back in time, allowing me to fully appreciate the grandeur and significance of the temple. 

“It was truly a special moment that I will always treasure and it was an unforgettable experience that I can only thank Trafalgar for making possible.”

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“I studied Egyptology in college” – Brooke H.

Brooke and her sister, Andrea

“My sister Andrea and I have wanted to come to Egypt together for over 20 years!” said Brooke. “I studied Egyptology in college but never worked in the field or made it to Egypt, and Andrea is a big mythology buff [who] has avidly studied all the Egyptian gods and goddesses for years.  

“We finally made this dream come true with an amazing Trafalgar tour in January 2023! Each day was packed with unreal experiences like visiting Abu Simbel or climbing inside the Great Pyramid.”

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“We never thought we would ever be inside a Pyramid” – Cheryl P

“My husband and I went inside this Pyramid and walked down this long hallway,” said Cheryl. “When we got to the end we saw this wonderful sarcophagus that a king had been laid to rest in. 

“We never thought we would ever be inside a Pyramid. And we got to share this excitement not only with each other but with some of our newfound Trafalgar friends.

“This is something we will never forget.”

“It was our lifelong fantasy to visit Egypt – I finally went by myself” – Frank D

“My wife and I of 52 years had visited 31 countries in our time together,” past guest Frank said. He shared that she, unfortunately, lost a long battle with cancer in 2020.

“We never did get to Egypt even though we loved the history and Egyptology in general. 

“I finally went by myself in 2021 and experienced a wonderful trip with Trafalgar.”

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“I will always treasure cruising down the Nile, riding a camel in the Sahara Desert, and exploring the tunnels inside the Giza Pyramids.” – Amy C.

“To celebrate my university graduation, my brother and I traveled to Egypt,” past guest Amy said. “This was our first ever trip without our parents. Trafalgar made sure we were taken care of, while still giving us a genuine adventure and lifelong memories. 

“This trip was an excellent way to go from school to venturing into the wide world, and has inspired a lifelong love of travel.”

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“The dream trip that almost didn’t happen” – Karen T.

“Our 30th wedding anniversary was coming up in November 2019,” said past guest Karen. “On October 25 my husband had a series of strokes and managed to crash both of our cars within a 12-hour span! He was not injured but was diagnosed with strokes that damaged his eyesight, blinding the right side of both eyes. 

“His driving was over – but he could still fly!

“On our anniversary day, we paid to fly to Abu Simbel to see the amazing Ramses II temple. Then we returned to make the Nile River cruise for our 30th anniversary dinner.”

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“I appreciate her courage traveling alone at age 92” – Ramamoorthy N.

Past guest Ramamoorthy has been traveling with Trafalgar for the past decade and joined us in Egypt in 2020.

“We had an elderly travelmate who was 92 years old. I took a snap with her at Dendera Temple roof. It’s the only existing temple with a roof of about 4000 years old,” said Ramamoorthy.

“I appreciate her courage traveling alone at this age with the Trafalgar confidence. It is always a wonderful life experience on tour.”

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Do you have an Egypt travel story to share too? Leave us a comment below…

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