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A pocket guide to travel to Australia in 2022

Recently updated on July 27th, 2023 at 03:00 pm

Is it your dream to travel to Australia in 2022? Do you picture yourself petting kangaroos and hugging koalas or swimming in warm salty waters off beautiful beaches? How about getting up close with the world’s oldest continuous culture and sailing beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

There’s nothing like Australia and while the great southern isle has been closed to international visitors for the better part of two years, the borders have officially reopened. It’s why there’s no better time to embark on an adventure down under. Here’s where you should travel in Australia in 2022 and the Australia trips to book now. 

There’s nowhere else like Australia

Australia is wildly different. The world’s largest island is also the worlds’ driest continent and features some of the world’s oldest geological features. From the hot, red centre where the giant Uluru rock sits, to the lush green Gondwana rainforests of tropical north Queensland, to the picture-perfect beaches lining the coastal perimeter, the land down under is one of great contrasts. Sit award-winning wines over a seafood platter one day, and sleep under the stars while hiking the next. Australia is one of the most exciting trips you could plan for 2022.

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It’s easy to feel at peace with wide open spaces

Breathe in, breathe out. Rest, relaxation and an escape to the countryside is what we all need after a heavy few years locked inside. If you’re someone who takes such advice to the extreme, there’s no better place than Australia. A land of wide open spaces, natural reserves, unique national parks and protected and preserved beaches, it’s easy to find your peace and truly relax while on one of our Australia tours in 2022. 

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The food scene is incredible

Food isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re dreaming and researching your travel to Australia in 2022. But this giant island at the edge of the earth is one giant food bowl. There’s open plains and farmland with climates that vary from north to south, plus a huge coastline where fresh seafood is trawled in each day. It means Australian chefs have a massive bounty of local, high quality produce to play with in the kitchen. Add in the multicultural heritage of Australia’s population and you’ll find the fusion of plates landing on tables around the country far exceeds your expectations. In the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne you can eat around the globe in just one day.

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Credit: Destination NSW

You can connect with the oldest continuous culture on earth

Indigenous Australians have an extraordinarily rich culture that goes back as far as 60,000 years. Throughout the country you can witness ancient rock art – some as old as 20,000 and 45,000 years – go on a bush tucker tasting tour and join a song and dance with locals. Whether your interest is in food, art, history, music or storytelling, while down under be sure your Australia tours in 2022 include a chance to connect with a local Aboriginal guide to gain a real insight into their culture. 

Australia is better at nature

Wake up each morning to a symphony of native birdsong. Open your blinds and witness a spectacular sunrise over the outback, or views of Sydney Harbour under a brilliant blue sky. Where you choose to travel in Australia doesn’t matter. From the southern coast to the red centre to the coral of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is filled with non-stop natural wonders that will leave you in awe. Mixing cities and the outback or the coastline and countryside will give you a glimpse at the many sides of the great southern land. 

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Australians are always up for a laugh

Half the joy of visiting Australia is meeting the locals. Friendly, playful and always up for a laugh, most Aussies are open to conversations with strangers and aren’t afraid to crack a joke (often at their own expense). Australian culture is strong on dry humour that’s sarcastic and self-depreciating. They also love to shorten words: afternoon becomes arvo, sunglasses are sunnies, chewing gum is chewie. Lean into the sharp, direct style of communication and you’ll have some new best mates (and your own nickname) in no time. Strewth! 

Not all the animals will harm you

One of the first things international travellers ask an Aussie: how do you survive the land down under? Many TV shows have highlighted Australia’s extremely poisonous population of snakes and spiders, but in a country of 25 million people it’s rare to come face-to-face with venomous creatures. More often than not they’re more scared of you than you are of them (hard to believe, we know), so it’s unlikely you’ll spot one outside a zoo or wildlife sanctuary. If you’re out in the bush and hiking through nature you’ll need to take care, but in big cities you’re unlikely see anything harmful.

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Plus you can cuddle a koala

Instead of venomous snakes, think about cute and cuddly koalas. No Australia tours in 2022 would be complete without coming face-to-face with a soft silver koala. The sleepy marsupials are huge fan of hugs and will happily wrap their claws around you. It’s easy enough to visit a respected wildlife sanctuary in any major city throughout Australia. While here you can view those dangerous snakes behind glass, and also meet and greet other unique, fluffy and friendly Aussie animals like kangaroos and wallabies. GET INSPIRED BY: Tassie Parks & Nature

Are you ready to travel to down under? Which Australia trips do you have your eyes on in 2022? Let us know in the comments…


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