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Where to find the best of Victoria and South Australia

Home to 500 national parks, 8,222 islands and 10,685 pristine beaches, Australia is a destination like no other and a top bucket list destination for travellers all over the world. From the friendly and welcoming locals, out of this world wildlife, delicious cuisine and mesmerizing wine regions, it’s easy to see why over 9.3 million tourists visit this dreamy country and continent year after year.

Experiencing travel withdrawals and eager to plan your adventure to the ‘land down under’ or the ‘land of oz’ in the near future? Check out the top seven experiences that need to be on your bucket list to discover the best of South Australia and Victoria below: 

1. Explore the vibrant and world-famous street art of Melbourne 

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria and metropolis, offers travellers the world’s most edgy street art and well-preserved Victorian architecture. During your best of South Australia adventure, pack your walking shoes and explore Hosier Lane, one of the country’s most iconic street art locations. These cobblestone streets are filled with colourful, vibrant images and art installations that have become very popular trendy backgrounds for fashion and wedding photography as well as for travellers from afar. 

When travelling with Trafalgar, guests will dive into the artistic culture in Melbourne during a private walking tour to some of the city’s best street art. Take in the diverse art murals that have received worldwide recognition and learn about some of the lesser-known installations too.  

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2. Indulge in delicious farm-to-table cuisine at Queen Victoria Market 

Another Best of Victoria experience that is yours for the taking is the Melbourne Queen Victoria Market. Established in 1878, this hot spot and major landmark in the city’s business district for locals and international tourists offers a variety of fresh meat and seafood, quality seasonal fruits and vegetables and diverse shopping stalls including clothing, shoes, florals and sporting goods. 

Grab a shopping basket and enjoy the local flavours of the bustling stalls and vendors that Queen Victoria Market has to offer. Also, support local family-run businesses throughout the market and dive into local dishes and at the numerous cafes and restaurants throughout. 

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3. Sip and savour the flavours of Victoria’s wine region 

With over 800 wineries, 600 cellar doors, and more than 20 wine regions producing some of Australia’s top-quality wine, Victoria is a wine lover’s paradise. Known for their pinot noir and chardonnay blends, the Victorian wine area is an iconic location to sip and savour the delicious flavours that the country has to share. 

When travelling with Trafalgar, travellers will enjoy an exclusive ‘Be My Guest’ lunch and wine tasting experience at the award-winning Jack Rabbit Vineyard in the Bellarine Peninsula. Winemaker Nyall Condon, produces wine using a minimal intervention approach and lives by the motto “the fruit is the hero” when developing excellence at this cool-climate establishment. With their private group, guests will soak up the breathtaking coastal surroundings across the bay to Geelong, the You Yangs and Melbourne and hear the history of this award-winning Australian vineyard. 

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4. See the unique and diverse wildlife on Kangaroo Island 

Did you know that more than 60 different specific of kangaroos live in Australia? Named after these fascinating creates, Kangaroo Island, located off the shores of Southern Australia, is among the top things to do in South Australia for travellers. 

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island home to numerous native animals, some of which are not found anywhere else in the world including koalas, kangaroos, kookaburras, sea lions, wallabies and penguins. Interested in a leisurely walk or hike? The island offers stunning beaches and spectacular hiking trails to take in the beautiful surroundings of this South Australian treasure. 

Trafalgar offers travellers the perfect treat to end a memorable visit to Kangaroo Island. Sit back, relax and join a ‘Local Specialist’ on the island’s only boutique distillery, Kangaroo Island Spirits, and taste a selection of their handcrafted premium spirits. 

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5. Drive the iconic and dreamy Great Ocean Road 

One of the world’s most scenic coastal drives, the Great Ocean Road, should be on the top of everyone’s bucket lists. With golden beaches stretching endlessly along the south-west coast of the southern ocean, this well-known route offers the very best of the Victoria region.

Beginning in Allansford and spanning over 243 kilometres (or 151 miles) from Torquay, one of the surf capitals of the world, the Great Ocean Road showcases the most stunning views and must-stop landmarks. Travellers are in for a treat as they soak up the highlights such as the Great Otway National Park, where they can stretch their legs and walk Australia’s best lush and mysterious rainforest scenery, and witness Cape Otway Lighthouse, one of Australia’s oldest surviving lighthouses built in 1848. And, what every traveller comes to see along the way, the seven glorious limestone cliffs of the Twelve Apostles.  

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6. Discover the captivating architecture of the ‘City of Churches’ 

Adelaide is home to modern architecture, old churches and cathedrals and is a top location to be explored during your best of South Australia adventures. As the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide welcomes travellers from all over the world for numerous reasons. The main being the city’s unique nickname, the ‘City of Churches’ due to is diversity of faiths and stance on religious freedoms. 

When travelling to Adelaide, guests are in for a treat when turning every corner. Not only are there tons of impressive historical churches and cathedrals throughout the city, the streets are also filled with diverse and historic architectural buildings too. 

The top inspiring buildings that need to be on your list throughout the ‘City of Churches ’include Trinity Church Adelaide, known as one of the oldest buildings and churches in Adelaide, St. Peter’s Cathedral, notorious for its iconic twin spires and St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, located right in the heart of downtown Adelaide and an important treasure. 

7. Witness the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island 

Is seeing penguins in their natural habitat on your must-see list? Then a visit to Phillip Island to watch penguins emerge from the sea and waddle across the sand to their dune burrows is an essential on your things to do in South Australia and Victoria list. 

At Phillip Island, home to the largest colonies of penguins in Australia, Trafalgar travellers can see with their own eyes the magic of these fascinating little creatures returning to their nesting boxes for an evening of rest. This is truly a once-in-a-life experience for guests interested in observing. 

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Have you explored the ‘land down under’ before? Share some of your best of South Australia and Victoria travel experiences in the comments below.  

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